Klinderas Gets A Feature!?

That or Sand Ninjas...

That or Sand Ninjas...

I would like to express two things.

1.  For the love of me, I am really surprised.

2.  I am at the same time Honoured, embarrassed, and Ego-stoked.

Windpaw over at Shock and Paw decided to allow my glorious self to have a cameo in the story Windpaw has been writing.  For all those who haven’t read it, go read it now.

Stoke my ego to disproportionate heights.


In thanks to Windpaw, I have decided to add a bit of credence to the awesome title Windpaw decided to give me.

Klinderas the Black, Biznatch.

Klinderas the Black, Biznatch.

To Windpaw, thank you so much.

To everyone else, go and read that fabulous blog!



  1. I think “the Black” works out. I didn’t think immediately that it was a hair color reference. I took it as the color of your mount or wolf…or disposition.

    A great story non-the-less 🙂

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