The Number 6

That's Roman for 6 ya know.

That's Roman for 6 ya know.

Well, my brain exploded for the evening.

Nothing remotely creative.
And then, from nowhere, my savior!

The 6 game.

Pike has been tagged by Euripides, and the game itself… is deadly.

Of course, I, Klinderas, Hunter of Silvermoon, Might of the Frostwolf, Wolf Rider extraodinaire, will accept this deadly game…

I will post my 6th screenshot in the folder, without knowing what the heck it is.

I swear, he wanted to!

I swear, he wanted to!

This wasn’t my fault.

You see, the Scourge, they came and wiped out a good portion of the Taunka… we just gave them a home.


The tagged… are you. Ha HA! Now you must all play this deadly game!

If you do not comply with the above, you will be shot.

Or worse… discharged.

DISCLAIMER: Klinderas knows full well this is a copout for not writing a proper article.  He should have not played as much, or spent time with his friends, or even work.  He was irresponsible and he should be drawn and quartered… or worse.

Turned into a human female.

OH WAIT.  Too late, suckers.





... Huh?

... Huh?





  1. …Mommy?


    But if Vitamins can stop the game from constantly turning me into humans, then I will eat them all.

    All of them.

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