Initiation: BATH TIME!

Initiation: BATH TIME!

I am going to apologize to someone, and hopefully make it up to them.

A blogger I had been following for some time and respect a great deal has decided that I am worth linking.  That I am worth reading.

I missed the boat.  I totally missed the post.  I didn’t do what I normally would: add them to my sidebar.

I didn’t do this earlier because… well, I need no reason other than I didn’t.  HA!.. Okay, I was lazy and forgot too.


So, as an apology, I would like to add that person to my blogroll, like they have done for myself.

I would also like to say this: Welcome to the pack Neggles!

As a side note, guess what:

Ding baby!

Ding baby!

Even from way out here, it’s the most beautiful thing I have seen in some time.

It makes me want to cry…


What? No, I didn’t level to 80 in Zul’Drak.  That’s silly.

No, even more important.



That’s right.  Roflcopter.  Take that, you mindless ground-based bastards…

Not to mention I am loving these Lollerskates!



  1. Congrats Klinderas – just when I don’t think you can’t make me shoot diet coke out of my nose, you come up with something like Butterfloptercopter….

    Great – just great…(mops at laptop screen)

  2. @ Windpaw
    You doubted me? I’m insulted!

    @ Neggles!
    Thank you! Next up: Fangs of truth.

    @ Anea
    Yes… give in to the Gear side of the force…

  3. mmm I loven me some helicopters. Good luck on Fangs of Truth, very nice weapon.

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