Quality Time

Aw, aren't they cute? They aggro'd me unfortunately.

Aw, aren't they cute? They aggro'd me unfortunately.

Let me guess.

A good amount of you think that I am a liar.

Oh, not like that.  No, I know you all know I’m not a mage.  I didn’t lie about me being a hunter, or anything else for that matter.


I mean, you all think that I lie about women.  That I don’t attract them in droves.

Well, you’re right, in a sense.  I don’t attract women in droves… only the important ones.

Alextrazsa.  She is red.  Hot.  See what I did thar?

Alextrazsa. She is red. Hot. See what I did thar?

See her? For some odd reason, the Queen of the Red dragonflight has a thing for me.  She has said “It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Klinderas.  I’ve known you since before you were born.”

You know what that means? She had the hawts for me since I was an idea.  Top that, I dare you.

In addition, she’s always honoured to be in my presence.

Is she stalking me? Now I’m creeped out…

Not to mention the weird dangly jewel on her chin.  What’s up with that? It’s like an epic sized chin piercing with +50 to weird.

Okay, she stalked me.  That doesn’t really count, as I had an unfair advantage.  Don’t worry though: I have a real challenge for you all.

She says that, on the side, she works the graveyard shift at the inn.

She says that, on the side, she works the graveyard shift at the inn.

Despite the smell, and the undead horse, Sylvanas is not to be taken lightly.

She, everyone, is the best looking undead there is.

Look at me, standing right next to her.  She didn’t even move! She started talking to me, we had a great chat about her dying and everything, and I tried to explain why I was there… something about taking her city back.  Singlehandedly.  Which even Saurfang couldn’t do.

She obviously liked me alot as she sang for me afterwards.

So, now It seems I have swooned Sylvanas, the Banshee Queen.  So we fought and all, side by side and everything.

We really forged a relationship, you know?

So, at the end of the ordeal, once I had killed Varimathras for her, and almost killed Varian Wrynn(Jaina, another one of my admirer’s, stopped me), I decided that her one wish was to be with me.

So, I, the great elf I am, granted her wish.

Yeah, I'm that smooth.

Yeah, I'm that smooth.

She must have lost my mailing address though, as I haven’t received any mail.

Well, her loss.



  1. *phone rings, answering machine picks up*

    Hey, you’ve reached the fabulous hunter, Klinderas. I’m spending time with my fabulous self, and am unable to honor you with my presence. Please leave a message after the beep.

    *answering machine beeps*

    Hey, Klinderas, it’s me, Sylvanas. I realized something! I love-

    *message cuts off*

    The limit of messages on this phone has been reached. Please try again next time.

  2. @Harii: Nooo! You can’t leave it hanging like that! Does she love him? Does she love cake? WE’LL NEVER KNOW.

    @Klinderas Alex stalks us all, the big red creep that she is…

  3. @Faulsey
    Oh, I know. I know

    I don’t like any of them, really. They’re all kinda aloof, and they’re all going corrupt by the end of it.

  4. Lies!

    Though, with the disgusting turn the game as made toward embracing the whole Light > ALL, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least…

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