Resto4Life Is Not Blogging4Life

The tree, the woman... the legend.  Apparently.

The tree, the woman... the legend.

I have been reading around today, and there is an uproar in pretty much all the WoW blogger communities.

Phae, A.K.A Resto4Life, is leaving our blogosphere.

I’m not going to lie: I didn’t read Resto4Life for very long before this announcement.

From what I’ve heard and experienced, she is an intelligent, capable, and very informative blogger, who’s blog has been around much longer than most.  Her tree-form looks bad-ass, and she enjoyed doing everything she had done.

She is leaving however, and that’s not going to change.  She and Mr. Phae have had a baby it seems, and coupled with work, time with baby, and time for WoW, Phae had to drop something.  Blogging was it.

The Godfather has a very good quotation for this: “I live my life, I don’t apologize to take care of my family”.

Phae, good luck with everything you endeavor to do, and everything else on top of that!

If there is one thing I am sorry about, it’s not reading your blog as much as I would have liked.  Everytime I did visit, I learned something new about this game we all love so much.  I hope your child learns from you 10 times as much as we have, and we will all miss your leafy self.

Everyone, go to her site! Say goodbye to one of the most well-respected bloggers on the intertubes, and wish her the best of luck.



  1. Thank you so much for this warm send off. And, being a big fan of all things Godfather, that has to be one of my favorite quotes. 🙂 Best of luck continuing to grow your own blog in the future!

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