How You Got Started?

Where it all started...

Where it all started...

For once, it’s my turn.

To start things off, I mean.

Let me share something about myself, to all you fortunate people.  I love stories.  I love hearing how things start, I love how they eventually end, and I love all the juicy stuff in the middle.

I love seeing how things develop, and I appreciate the little intricacies.

For example, one of my favourite movies is “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.”  It has a lot of little expressions, facial ones that last only a second… but tell a great deal about a character.  The last 15 minutes of the movie in particular has a lot of these moments, and the entire story is worth seeing just for that part of the film.

But, in the end, a story ends how it began.  There’s a reason for everything that happens in a good story.  It may be twisted, cruel, unexpected, or right on track.  Either way, the reasons make sense.

From all this comes the beginning.  The start, the little line you begin a race and your heart begins pumping.  Your sweat starts running down your forehead, and you wipe a bit off with the back of your hand, only to smear it all over your face.  Then, Bang, off you go.

So, for everyone out there… I’d like to know how you began your blogging career.

For me, I had been reading many blogs for many months at this point, and I had become sick of the forums.  The incessant crying, insulting, and whining had driven me mad, and I stopped really reading them and posting in them.

Then, I sat down one day.  I was reading BRK‘s website, and something clicked.  I looked at my roomate and said, “You know what? I’m going to start a blog.  About WoW.”  He said something along the lines of “Cool Beans” and “I’m sure you’ll do well.”  So, I sat down, signed on Blogspot, and made a new website.  I spent a good 5-6 hours getting the design just right, and then I realized… I needed a name.  After some brainstorming(Terrible, terrible ideas… ElfTard, Roflmahcopter, among others…) I just started ramming random words together.  I came up with Slow Wolf, and it stuck with me.

The idea of a really fat wolf trying to catch someone made me laugh, and the Slow Wolf was born.

That’s the beginning of my story.

I am going to tag everyone who reads my blog, with some notables: Pike, Rilgon, Faulsey, BRK, and Drotora.  The 5 of you are a daily part of what I read, and I would love to hear why you all started your careers in blogging especially.

Although some chapters end, some of ours are just beginning.



  1. Well…
    It was you, Rilgon, and Nassira that I read when I had the chance.
    And I was toying with the idea of a blog, and just said “what the hell”, and went with it.

  2. When I started blogged, I previously didn’t know Warcraft blogs existed. I found one…the first one…”Girl Meets Wow”. She no longer blogs. But I loved reading her fun stories and interesting tidbits of information. She generally had fun screenshots and participated in guild events that I was jealous of. Once I found her blog, I started to click on the links she had to others. Turns out, there’s a whole world of Warcraft bloggers!

    I made my own blog at that point. I didn’t know if I’d get any readers, but I gave her the call-out in that first post (I think). I know I emailed her to let her know that she inspired me to start a blog. I don’t know if she plays WoW anymore or anything…but her blog is still up.

    At first my blog was strictly for the hunter in me…I even got linked by BRK when I first started. Since that point I quit WoW for 2 months, came back, redid my blog theme countless times, and took it on a new spin. Altism. Gotta play ’em all 😛

    It’s who I truly am. The blog is more “me” than ever before – I’m quite happy with it at this point, even if it doesn’t top the hit meters 😛

  3. I made my blog for one reason, and one reason only…

    …so I wouldn’t have to bother my LiveJournal friends with stuff about WoW. I made a whole separate place to put it. That place was Aspect of the Hare.

  4. Like Pike, a major reason why I started a wowblog was so that the non-wowers wouldn’t have to skim over all the wow stuff that I would write in my personal journal. I’m not sure exactly how I clicked there, but I came upon Larisa at The Pink Pigtail Inn and the way she wrote spoke to me – because it was her thoughts and her take on warcraft, not just info-mongering like some other major sites do. (I probably got into wowblogs around some patch, because there didn’t seem to be any “regular” posting going on.)

    So, one day I up and made one. Didn’t really know what I was getting into, but I did. I was at Blogger originally and made some crappy posts, but after my move to WordPress and a “fresh” start and new face, I think that I enjoy it more and that my posts are of a better quality.

    And I have to say too that getting into the Twitter community really fleshed out the wowblogger community for me. That was part of my transformation as well.

  5. I had been reading wow blogs for months, and was toying with the idea of starting my own. On the side I had this blood elf hunter that, around level 15 or so, decided that he wanted to be an RP character. RP toons need backstories, so I thought one up for him, then realized I couldn’t stop there, it was too much fun. After writing out a story for him that took up about 20 pages on Microsoft Word, I felt like sharing this story with others, but wasn’t sure how. Then the blog idea came back, and I wound up making Spirit Bond as a place to post Kaledain’s story. I now have 3-4 characters I write about often, with “guest” appearances from my other toons, and some day-to-day stuff thrown in to boot. I don’t claim to put anything useful in my blog, it really is just for my stories.

    I have so far resisted the Twitter bug, we’ll see how long that lasts.

  6. … How the hell did I miss this post?

    It linked me and you’re in my RSS reader…

    Epic fail.


    In any case, my beginnings are boring, boring, boring.

    I’d blogged about FFXI, simply because I felt like it would be fun, and when I defected to WoW, the logical thing was to start a new blog for WoW.

    Iknorite, not exciting at all.

    However, getting actually -involved- with the community was mostly down to BRK, Pike and Phaelia. The FFXI blogging community was pretty small, so I never really made any bonds that could be described as friendship. Reading those blogs made me really want to get involved with this huge community, and since then, I’ve made friends with a lot of bloggers – including ones I consider famous and am totally OMGWTF whenever they talk to me!

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