A Pause Button Would Be Nice

... I'm going to need a bigger button.

... I'm going to need a bigger button.

I am sorry I have neglected to write the PvP guides I have been wanting to this week.

As everyone knows, I like writing guides.  They’re fun to do, and they are a great way to teach people about a certain aspect of the game.

However, with a game like WoW, it’d be nice if content stayed stable for a bit before changing all crazy-like.

With patch 3.1 coming out, I can’t post on the topic.  I mean, I could, but it would be obsolete the moment that the patch went live.

I am not going to waste time if I can help it.  Some of the guides I have written have already become obsolete, or dated at least.  This makes me sad: I put a good amount of work into those articles.

As a result, I am not sure I will continue to write guides.  Although they are fun to do, it’s not fun to write about so much stuff every time that changes, which happens to be every goddamn month.

So, I will not write guides until the game becomes more stable.  The only exception would be if someone asked about it specifically through an e-mail or a Twitter.  Either that, or I chose to write about less stuff, but that’s not an option as I want to write about the hunter class as a whole, not just specific sections.

Short version: no more guides unless I get requests.

Sorry if people were looking forward to anything I was going to write, but now won’t for some time.  If you really want me to write about something, send a request, and I’ll do the best I can.

Thank you all for your understanding, it means a lot.

Now! Back to your blogroll.  Go! Shoo!


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    …why undead like to eat peopole…

    A GUIDE and how to avoid being eaten! BY COLEMAND.


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