Wrathfully Idignant

This is NOT a "sad" panda!

This is NOT a "sad" panda!

A.K.A Angry.

I have to think about this sometimes: what makes me angry? What are my peeves, and what are the things that tick me off?

Funny enough, I don’t like it when the waiters and waitresses at the Mandarin fill up my glass after I’ve taken a sip.  One sip.  Really, do you have to fill up my glass after I havent touched it?

In any case, sometimes, I think about what makes me angry, but today, something new popped up.  What makes my other me angry? What makes Klinderas angry?

So, I thought about this, and I came up with one thing: losing.  I hate losing, especially when it’s not my fault, and not much less when it is my fault.  I think I’m the best there is, after all, and I regard others as lower: but only to an extent.  If someone is better, I vow to learn from them, and move on.

But when I lose, I get angry.  If anyone is at fault, I will pulverize them, verbally at least.  If I’m at fault, I usually don’t accept it.

Colemand? He doesn’t get angry, really.  The only time he has gotten angry was when I asked him about what he was when he was alive, but this was right after he meandered into Orgrimmar.  He was still under Arthas’s sway, to an extent.  Since then, he has broken off completely.

Oh wait, there is one thing.

Don’t insult his food.  He hates that.  Especially his pies.

So, what makes you(or your characters) angry? I’m curious.



  1. I hate angry people! Lol only joking.

    I hate the shadow priest that dueled me when I was waiting on the zepplin and he mind controlled me, made me run off the zepplin tower and miss the zepplin.
    I mean he was horde like me. I don’t think that’s very nice at all. Fair enough if it was an alliace, but he wasn’t. We were on the same side.
    What makes me angry? Mind Control.

    In fact when I use to pvp I would literally scream with rage if I was ever feared or mind controlled or if anything happened where I wasn’t in control of my character.
    Those pvp trinkets are useless. I get stunned, use trinket : “You cannot use that when stunned”. ARGH!!!

    omg i didn’t mean to rant like that! Lololol

  2. I used to hate it when I’d kill someone in WSG and they seemed to take it personally. Such as the guy you killed once, just once, in a fair’s fair, one on one, mano a mano fight…that you win. So he rez’s, comes back with 3 buddies and you naturally get destroyed. And what does he do as you get gang raped? He /spits on you. Yeah, nice one, buddy.

    Ok, so I still hate that.

    On the lighter side, I used to have (no longer play WoW) a Gnome Warrior that I RP’d as a Berserker. I even had several Emote macros set up for him.

    One that I can recall was:
    /me stares at %t.
    /s %t! You’re making me angry!
    /s You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.

    I’d hit that when something negative would happen to him, such as getting Shield Bashed, Disarmed, Stunned, etc.

    Naturally when creating him I chose the bald head and angry snarling face, and I received quite a few compliments from other players. It was not uncommon to be checking my mail and have someone say, “You are one ugly Gnome!”

  3. Well, it’s not as interesting as hating when people insult pies, but Anea really really hates it when other raiders show up late and/or unprepared for raids.

    And also when raiders don’t eat after being rezzed. Makes her want to tear her hair out.

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