So You Want To Join The Hunt

hunterLittle known fact: I have begun reading Slice and Dice.  Yes, he’s a gnome.  Yes, even worse, he’s a rogue.  Nonetheless, I have begun to read his blog.

In any case, one of his posts was featured on WoWInsider today.  The short and skinny of it: why play a rogue? Well, this gave me an idea.  I’ve written about why I play a DPS class, but not why I play a hunter.  And so, following his template, here’s the question.

Why play a hunter?
-Variety of crowd control abilities to help in larger pulls.
-Long range physical DPS, and lots of it.
-Best combat pets in the game.  Hands down.
-They’re also the most customizable.
-We haz very good kiting ability.
-We have the best pulling ability ever, which doubles as a tool for vengeance.
-Feign death.
-We’re just plain flippin’ awesome.

-No self healing spells, unless you’re a space-goat.
-Serious weakness in melee combat.

-Despite wearing mail, we are not as resilient as some other classes.
-We can’t tame bunnies.
-Huntard stigma.
-We’re too flippin’ awesome

So, why play a hunter?

The mage hunter had been running for hours.  Every now and then, he’d hear a noise from behind, and he’d run even faster.

Earlier that morning, he and his dragonspawn escort were making their rounds near the forest south of Star’s rest.  They slew a couple of ghosts that assailed them, but nothing more.  It seemed pretty routine.

When out of nowhere, a wolf jumped out of the trees at impossible speed, leaping straight at the dragonspawn’s throat. The spawn and the mage hunter immediately attacked the wolf, but it proved resilient.  It resisted their magic, and its fur was impenetrable.  From the woods came a flurry of bullets which pounded into the side of the spawn, creating bullet holes, arcane blast marks, and a poisonous wound, all in the space of 5 seconds.  The spawn succumbed shortly afterward.

The mage summoned one of his demon hounds to attack the elf in the woods.  It wasn’t like he was hard to see, it’s just that he was unexpected.  The hound reached the elf, who then leapt at least 10 yards to the side, blasting the demon’s flank open with a well aimed shot, killing the demon instantly.  The wolf had finished with the spawn, and smashed into the mage hunter, his rabid teeth ripping and tearing at his clothes and chest.  This servant of Malygos was not going down to an upstart elf and his mongrel, not like this.  He blinked, and made his escape.

The mage hunter had been running for hours.  Every now and then, he’d hear a noise from behind, and he’d run even faster.

He could see Indu’le village about 45 yards away.  He can almost smell the magic coming from the bottom of the lake: he could almost smell freedom.  Right then, he heard a bang, and his head went woozy.  He tripped over a log, and tried to regain his footing.  He stumbled forward… and then his world turned blue.  He could not move.  His entire body had been frozen in ice.  From his icy prison, he could see the young elf hunter and his wolf walk smugly from the trees in front of him.  They must have run ahead of him while he was dizzy.

The elf took aim with his gun, and shot the bastard in the head.  The mage hunter was no more.



You want to know what a hunter can do? The paragraph above details it pretty well.  We have pets that can be almost as strong as another player.  We have a variety of traps and shot used for controlling the battle around us.  We have amazing potential for damage dealing.  Most importantly, we can say “Bam, Headshot!” and be perfectly accurate.  Killshot.  Look it up.

But if you want to play this class, know this: if you want a class with a large amount of abilities suited for almost any situation, a class able to deal an amazing amount of damage, and a pet with a penchant for kicking butt, then this class is for you.  There are a few things you might want to know though.

1.  A Hunter uses range to his advantage: the more distance between you and the foe, the better off you are.  You do not want to be in melee at any point and time as it severely reduces the amount of damage you can do and your chances for survival.

2.  You need to be able to manage a pet.  Even the weakest hunter pets can make up of almost 25% of a hunter’s dps, and the stronger ones can pull double that amount.  If your pet dies, you’re going to suffer.  Pets are a great companion, and their death diminishes your strength a great deal.

3.  Hunters use every one of their abilities for any number of situations.  If you’re running away, you need to use concussive shot to slow them down, aimed shot and arcane shot to hurt the target, serpent sting to poison them, make sure to use you pet abilities… the list goes on.  For every situation, you might need a number of your abilities to pull you through.

4.  Your main weapon is surprise.  If you see someone who should die, then you need to sneak up on them.  Unlike rogues, we dont have sneak, so we have to ambush from a distance.  The farther away we are, the better.  If they don’t see it coming, then it’s too late for them, +honour for you.

5.  The name of this game is this: easy to learn to play, hard to master.  While soloing, you probably dont need to use a good number of your abilities.  You only learn them through PvP, reading, or going into instances.  Make sure that you try to master all of your abilities as you get them, or you’ll have a hard time getting anywhere when you reach the top.

Is it easy? Played properly, no.  Is it a lot of fun? Yes.  So much so that we’re the most played class.

Hunter’s are the true heroes in this world.  We follow no god, no leader, no sect unless we wish to.  We learn from the world around us, and we learn from the people.  We hunt and destroy those that would hurt this world, and we do it side by side with the animals of the planet.

In short, we’re the ones people call when they have a real probelm.

My name is Klinderas, and I play a pet siding, gun totting, shot rocking hunter.

You in?



  1. I am in. Really great job with a hunter version of my Rogue post. I’m also a pet siding, gun totting, shot rocking hunter. I love playing my hunter almost as much as playing my rogue, something that I’ll be posting about soon 🙂

    Again, great work on this post. I’ll get a link up on my site to it,

    – Sam

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