We Wish For Cheats

QQ Moar.

QQ Moar.

Obviously, it’s not like WoW has command typed cheats like Warcraft 3, but imagine if it did? What would your favourite cheats be?

Well, I thought about it, and I thought of some good ones for other people too.  My intellect knows no bounds, after all.

The following descriptions might be freakishly accurate.

Klinderas-WhosYourDaddy Whos your daddy?  No really, who is he? If you don’t tell me, I’ll one shot you.  Nuclear bomb you say? Do your worst! I’m godly, damnit!

Colemand-PointBreak Unlimited food? It’s… too good to be true!

Gevlon-GreedIsGood(infinite) More moneys! What else could Gevlon want?

Rilgon + OutofMana-ThereIsNoSpoon For all their poor, poor mana problems.

BRK-AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs BRK auto-wins anyway, so why the heck not?

Pike-SharpAndShiny Because such knowledge is already known.

Harii-WarpTen Just in case she wanted help leveling…

So what about you fine people? If you could ask for one “cheat” in WoW, which one would it be?

Another tempting one would be unlimited ammo, but the technology isn’t yet available.




  1. I know you do! But until that coveted 80, WarpTen would be nice, yeah?


    In any case, I apologize if I offend people with this post. You’ll know when I mean to offend, but this is not that time.

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