Day: 2009-03-08

At Long Last, I Got Pizza!

Would you eat this if Colemand made it?

Would you eat this if Colemand made it?

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of pets.  I have been watching pets go from the scummy situation they were in before, to the shinier, and much greener situation they are in now.  I like what I see.

The big reason the situation was so crummy before was because of pet homogenization.  Most might recall when the only viable pets in the WoW world were Cats, Raptors, and Ravagers.  Reason? They were the only ones that dealt any respectable amount of damage.  To boot, any other pets were laughed out of most raids, including my lovely Link.  I could solo and do 5 mans with Link, but Radix had to handle the rest, being a cat and all.

Nowadays, many more pets are viable.  Wasps, Wolves, Cats, Carrion Birds, Spirit Beasts, Moths, Devilsaurs… just to name a few of the ferocity pets.  There are still some that aren’t the greatest(Tallstriders, wut?) but the situation is much better.  Mostly.

As many of you know, there was a very big change that happened in the tenacity section of hunter-ville: Gorilla‘s have lost Thunderstomp as their unique ability.  It was once a Gorilla State secret, but a Worm reverse engineered it for everyone.  Now all Tanking pets have it.

What does this mean?

At long last, I can have my freakin’ pasta when it comes to tenacity pets.  Jormungandr can now main tank an instance, no problem.  He has an AoE and a ranged Sunder Armor.  Lucas? My beautiful bear can AoE grind for me better than a gorilla ever could.  Boars? They can work now too! Turtles, warpstalkers, scorpids(they’re still nasty!)… the large majority of them are now viable for everyday work! Some pets still don’t get much out of this change(Crabs, for instance, are still a PvP pet, and thunderstomp isn’t very useful in that situation), but most work!

Here’s my problem with this though:

How the hell does a crab stomp thunderously!?

To add, what makes a crab different from a gorilla now?

Not much now, actually.  This is another development: if this trend continues, of giving cool abilities to all the pets, then what’s to stop them from homogenizing pets further?

Oh wait.  They did that too. Great.

See, this is a problem.  When you give all the trees the same stat bonuses, you’re homogenizing them.  They state that they are adding”additional talents have been added to distinguish a pet’s abilities based on its specializations.”  Additional talents, eh? Really! For example, they let Tenacity share Grace of the Mantis and Roar of Sacrifice with Cunning pets.  That’s really “unique.”

I guess the talents they were talking about are the new ones so far at the top of the tree that only BM players get full benefit out of it.  Yeah, that’s certainly unique.

It’s nice that more pets are going to be used, don’t get me wrong.  It’s exactly what I wanted.

But if they all are all pasta, and that’s all I get to eat, then what about when I want to eat pizza? Well, I’ll be out of luck at that point because there’s only one thing for dinner, every night: KD.

So, Blizzard, everything is good, so far.  Everything you’ve done for pets has been great.  Leaps and bounds in every direction, nothing bad.  Yet.

I’m just sitting in the corner here, hoping that they don’t go so far as to make pets all the same.  Because KD for the rest of my life would suck, and then I’d be dead from heart complications.