At Long Last, I Got Pizza!

Would you eat this if Colemand made it?

Would you eat this if Colemand made it?

As many of you know, I am a huge fan of pets.  I have been watching pets go from the scummy situation they were in before, to the shinier, and much greener situation they are in now.  I like what I see.

The big reason the situation was so crummy before was because of pet homogenization.  Most might recall when the only viable pets in the WoW world were Cats, Raptors, and Ravagers.  Reason? They were the only ones that dealt any respectable amount of damage.  To boot, any other pets were laughed out of most raids, including my lovely Link.  I could solo and do 5 mans with Link, but Radix had to handle the rest, being a cat and all.

Nowadays, many more pets are viable.  Wasps, Wolves, Cats, Carrion Birds, Spirit Beasts, Moths, Devilsaurs… just to name a few of the ferocity pets.  There are still some that aren’t the greatest(Tallstriders, wut?) but the situation is much better.  Mostly.

As many of you know, there was a very big change that happened in the tenacity section of hunter-ville: Gorilla‘s have lost Thunderstomp as their unique ability.  It was once a Gorilla State secret, but a Worm reverse engineered it for everyone.  Now all Tanking pets have it.

What does this mean?

At long last, I can have my freakin’ pasta when it comes to tenacity pets.  Jormungandr can now main tank an instance, no problem.  He has an AoE and a ranged Sunder Armor.  Lucas? My beautiful bear can AoE grind for me better than a gorilla ever could.  Boars? They can work now too! Turtles, warpstalkers, scorpids(they’re still nasty!)… the large majority of them are now viable for everyday work! Some pets still don’t get much out of this change(Crabs, for instance, are still a PvP pet, and thunderstomp isn’t very useful in that situation), but most work!

Here’s my problem with this though:

How the hell does a crab stomp thunderously!?

To add, what makes a crab different from a gorilla now?

Not much now, actually.  This is another development: if this trend continues, of giving cool abilities to all the pets, then what’s to stop them from homogenizing pets further?

Oh wait.  They did that too. Great.

See, this is a problem.  When you give all the trees the same stat bonuses, you’re homogenizing them.  They state that they are adding”additional talents have been added to distinguish a pet’s abilities based on its specializations.”  Additional talents, eh? Really! For example, they let Tenacity share Grace of the Mantis and Roar of Sacrifice with Cunning pets.  That’s really “unique.”

I guess the talents they were talking about are the new ones so far at the top of the tree that only BM players get full benefit out of it.  Yeah, that’s certainly unique.

It’s nice that more pets are going to be used, don’t get me wrong.  It’s exactly what I wanted.

But if they all are all pasta, and that’s all I get to eat, then what about when I want to eat pizza? Well, I’ll be out of luck at that point because there’s only one thing for dinner, every night: KD.

So, Blizzard, everything is good, so far.  Everything you’ve done for pets has been great.  Leaps and bounds in every direction, nothing bad.  Yet.

I’m just sitting in the corner here, hoping that they don’t go so far as to make pets all the same.  Because KD for the rest of my life would suck, and then I’d be dead from heart complications.



  1. The stat change really bugs me. It really, really does.

    Without taking into account Wild Hunt, Ferocity pets will now do, at best, 1% more damage than they were capable of currently – losing 5% damage base, but gaining 6% from Shark Attack. And in my case, my pet is going to be doing 2% LESS, as I’ll be dropping a point in Shark Attack for Heart of the Phoenix (because my pet control could currently use some work >.>;).

    Just… eugh. I know it’s not a huge amount, but it’s just stupid. Yay homogenisation!

    That said, while the Thunderstomp thing has caused a huge amount of QQ, with people saying “It’s totally eliminated the idea of making you chose your pet carefully”, I personally view it as being somewhat akin to Rabid on Ferocity pets. You expect your DPS pet to have a talent that greatly enhances its DPS – why shouldn’t all tenacity pets come standard with one that greatly enhances their TPS?

  2. @Tigerfeet
    No need for fisticuffs. Just sayin’ that the ‘strider’s be lollygag on the DPS, man. I’m not up in yo grill.

    Personally, the only reason I think that Blizzard had for homogenizing the stats was to make Tenacity even more attractive for PvE and PvP by giving them decent DPS. Aside from that, Cunning just took a blow to the face: the definition of that tree was balance. Now that everyone has it, what defines them?

    As far as thunderstomp goes, it’s interesting you relate it to Rabid and Wolverine Bite. Every ferocity pet has Rabid, and it increases DPS. Thunderstomp now gives all tenacity pets AoE ability, thereby increasing TPS. I can understand that logic.

    My issue is that this makes all tenacity pets the same. Rabid is a “must have” ability, but does it make my wolf look like a cat? Absolutely not! But if both my bear and a gorilla can do it now, will they look the same?

    Thunderstomp was a pet defining ability. Now that all tenacity pets have it, it makes every tenacity pet a Gorilladin. What they were before hardly matters: the fact remains that they’re all different kinds of gorillas now.

    If the thunderstomp ability was replaced with an AoE growl type of move, or made growl AoE, then I think that this image problem would be resolved. No damage, just threat in an area and a big noise. Granted, it’s not a huge change, but the symbol behind it is everything… to me, at least. It makes my GorillaBearadin a simple Bearadin.

  3. Klin, the problem with only Gorillas having Thunderstomp is that hunters were complaining about having to use a Gorilla if they wanted their pet to do any serious tanking. By giving Thunderstomp to all Tenacity pets, they allow hunters with any pet to have the AOE tanking ability while still providing some differentiation via species-specific abilities. (Remember that Gorillas now have Pummel, which works like the warrior ability of the same name.)

  4. @Chris
    Agreed. The tenacity tree needed something to give them all AoE aggro. My issue is giving a move that has belonged to gorillas since Vanilla WoW to all other tenacity pets. Thunderstomp has an image!

    Because Thunderstomp is so readily recognized as a gorilla move, now that all tenacity pets have it, all tenacity pets are part gorilla.

    The problem isn’t in the AoE ability: it’s about how the ability works. If the ability was changed to something more like an AoE growl(I don’t know, let’s call it Bestial Roar. Blizzard is more creative than I am), tenacity pets can still have the AoE, but without the thunderstomp. That would make me happy.

    Thunderstomp was a unique pet ability, something that made gorilla’s who they were. If it was OP and needed to be erased, and replaced, that’s fine. But don’t just give it to everyone: change it to be at least somewhat different.

  5. @Klin, the problem with that approach is that there’s no mechanical reason to change the ability. Further, under your plan, Bestial Roar is going to have to have something other than pure threat generation, because Blizzard obviously likes the way Thunderstomp is tuned. Removing the AOE damage component requires adding another component that Blizzard considers to be roughly equivalent – a stun, or a debuff, or an interrupt, or something. I’m not sure how those compare to damage in terms of threat generation, but it wouldn’t have been easy to balance – and hunters would then have complained about the loss of DPS from Thunderstomp! (Blizzard couldn’t have simply kept Thunderstomp and added Bestial Roar, because then gorillas still would have been the mandatory PVE pet.)

    The only objection is one of personal association – you associate Thunderstomp with gorillas, so you’re going to think of gorillas every time you see your pet use Thunderstomp. While I can understand the viewpoint, it’s not an objection that Blizzard is really going to listen to. Moreover, this isn’t the first time this has happened: if nothing else, making Charge a pet talent when it used to be a Boar-specific skill is a precedent. Do you think of a boar every time your crab Charges?

    I’m sympathetic to the argument that pets should have some differences. But when one pet is so superior in solo PVE that it’s almost mandatory, that needs to be addressed.

  6. Either way, it’s a good thing that tenacity pets are getting thunderstomp. I just wish there was another way that didn’t bug me on a symbolic level.

    My big fear is that this type of thing continues to a point where all pets seem so similar that it doesnt really matter which one you pick, kinda like picking a race. At max level, racials are nice, but shouldn’t really affect your gaming experience.

    So long as that doesn’t happen, I’ll be alright.

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