Do You See Something Wrong?

You're supposed to use Detterence!

You're supposed to use Detterence!

I’ve been looking at pictures of myself, as I am splendid and deserve looking at, and I noticed something.

My Lucas.  My bear.  Before 3.0 hit, he always had his mouth open.  Catching flies, I told him, and he’d just grunt and go back to being open mouthed.

But now? He always keeps his mouth closed.  I don’t get it.  Why the sudden change of heart?

What matters, I suppose, is that the little bear finally listened to me! He finally started breathing with his mouth closed, instead of catching flies.  And trust me, he did.  I brush his teeth, and it’s gross.

But then, I noticed something.  Here, lets see if you can find it too.  Take a look at this picture:
gray-wolf-gazingIt’s a wolf, right? Now, look at this picture of Link:
screenshot_021809_021505Okay, I am more of a centerpiece here, but Link is just as important! See anything wrong? You don’t?
linkteethHow about now?



  1. Kibler’s bits, and Mammoth meat mostly. It’s pretty grotesque.

    Even Colemand is put off the smell. And that guy eats anything.

    By the way, congratulations! You’re our 300th comment!

  2. Hunter pets are so LUCKY! I don’t have anyone to brush my feral teeth 😦 And my bear mouth hangs open all the time… and my cat teeth… don’t even get me started on the cat teeth… no wonder we’re so ugly!

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