Holy Dueg!

The man... the hero... the sidekick...

The man... the hero... the sidekick...

There is one man.

One alone, which can even come close…

To looking as good as me.  He’s not as good looking, but he’s close, is all I’m saying!

HEY! No, he’s not replacing me as the best looking man in Azeroth.


So, in any case, he comes close, in looks.  But he’s devious, he’s incorrigibly sinister, and… beyond everything, he has a monocle.  In case you didn’t know, monocles denote that the wearer is a high powered wizard.  Dueg is that much at least: a very good priest.  He deserves that monocle…

I want it.

Welcome to the sidebar Dueg! You’re going to make a great sidekick!



  1. I seem to recall that Kommandant Klink was rarely seen without his monocle. Are you sure that Monocle = Powerful Wizard ?

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