Moviewatch: Bumblebee Tuna

This video is fishy.  Ye have been warned.

This video is fishy. Ye have been warned.

Have you ever had a song stuck in your head, and wanted it out?

Have you ever heard an annoying song that is too catchy for it’s own good?

Never fear, Bumblebee Tuna is here! 99.99% guaranteed to get rid of any song in your head! It’s catchy, it’s wacky, it’s absolutely nonsensical!

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about the product:

Klinderas: Oh my GODS! My ears! They are bleeding! Make it stop! Make it STOP!

Colemand: It’s a good thing I’m already dead.

See? Our customers LOVE it! So come on down and listen to…

Bumblebee Tuna!



  1. D:


    I can’t believe I watched the WHOLE THING!

    DDDDDDD: !

    The sick part is… that’s exactly what I’ve got packed for lunch today too >_>

  2. My son was singing this song earlier this week. Finally got the darn thing out of my head, and you post THIS?!!

    Thanks (I think) for making me smile this morning!

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