Hey Look! The Twins Are Back!

Warning: Images may be larger than they appear.

Warning: Images may be larger than they appear.

The Spirit Beast is the rarest pet in the game that you can still tame.  Just having one is a badge of honour, of perseverance, and luck.  Plus, they’re just damn cool.

Well, there’s a new spirit beast model coming out in 3.1.  Anyone who reads BRK knows this, but still… if news is good news, isn’t it worth repeating?

Spirit beasts are hard to find.  This new one, everyone expects, is going to be no different.  But the fact remains: now you have 2 chances to get a spirit beast! And no good news should be announced without fanfare!

And what better fanfare than this?

Now to Catch him!



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  1. First I wake up humming the tuna song… now I’m hopelessly tied to watching cute videos of parakeets singing my favorite gaming songs….

    What have you DONE to me?!?

    Is this what happens when a druid gets hunter-tamed?


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