On A Personal “Note”

music-notesI know I don’t post real life things on this blog often.  But this is time for an exception.

Today, I had a concert.  I had vanquished a foe I had been fighting for going on 6 years.

I finally aced my solo.

As some of you know, I am a music major.  I love music, and it’s because of one song.

The Military Suite in F major by Gustav Holst.

6 years, and I finally vanquished the solo at the beginning!

Ha HA!

For everyone who doesn’t care, there will be a proper post later tonight.  A Creature Feature, actually.  So stay tuned.


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  1. I hope you do post RL things from time to time, especially your music related things. I am so jealous that you are following your music dream – I didn’t follow mine. I can’t tell you how hearing this makes me want to play again.

    Grats on nailing the solo and thanks for sharing the music ❤

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