Creature Feature: Boar

He looks dis'grunt'led.  It's 'nort' good to get in his way.

He looks dis'grunt'led.

Boars were one of the most well known and respected pets in the World of Warcraft.  They were legendary for holding threat for longer than any other pet could… until patch 3.0 hit.

The changes to pets changed everything for Boars.  No longer the top threat pet, they are now underused, and they are harder to find around top end hunters than a Spirit Beast.  Boars are the time-old story of fallen kings… the kings of tanking pets.

Boars are tenacity pets.  Like all other tenacity pets, Boars are exceptionally good at taking damage without dying, but not so good at dishing out the pain.  At the moment, they receive a 10% increase to hit points and a 5% increase to armor.  This might change in the near future though, as Blizzard is doing some talking about giving all pets the same bonuses.  Tenacity pets will continue to be the tanks, but only thanks to their talents, not their bonuses.

The focus dump for Boars is Bite, and they have one unique move, Gore.

Boars were once immensely popular.  Before patch 3.0, boars were the only pets to be able to keep threat on a monster for longer than a few seconds.  They had a special, unique move called Charge at the time.  Charge doubled the damage they dealt with their next Gore attack.  However, Charge is now available to all ferocity pets and all tenacity pets.

Boars have 9 different skins, all of which are tamable! If you see a Boar you like the look of, it’s obtainable somehow.  Most pets don’t have that going for them.  The skins aren’t the most varied looking though, other than the colours.

Boars are legendary for being the posterchild of a tenacious beast, even in real life.  As a result, if you can hunt and kill one, it’s a sign of strength.  It’s also a waste of a perfectly awesome pet.

Gore: Does a great deal of damage, and a great deal more when used within 6 seconds of a charge.

First, I’ll start with the bad side.  Gore only does damage.  That’s it.  No armor reducing, no bleed effects: just plain and simple damage.

The good side is that this move does more base damage than most other pet moves, and the damage is doubled whenever it’s used after a charge.

What this means is that the boar is useful anywhere, really.  Damage is useful in any situation, and although a wasp might reduce armor, that reduction in armor is useless if you have a druid casting Faerie Fire on the same mob.  Damage is damage, and nothing replaces it.

In addition, when used after Charge, Gore’s damage is doubled.  That’s pretty much an automatic critical hit… that can, in turn, still critically hit! This means one thing: Gore can do amazing initial damage after any Charge.

It seems the damage is similar to Bite.  However, it is less focus to use, and it’s very powerful after a charge.  Besides, another move that does damage is another move that does damage.  No complaints here.

Boars are well placed almost anywhere, but are found most often in Solo environments, and Battlegrounds.  Thanks to their amazing initial damage, Boars get threat instantly on mobs they are attacking.  You can shoot the enemy as much as you like, but if a Boar attacked it, the boar is going to tank it.

In battlegrounds, burst damage and survivability are necessary.  For beastmasters especially, boars do an incredible amount of damage, combined with an amazing amount of survivability: it’s a perfect candidate.

In arenas, Boars don’t do as well as some other pets because they don’t have any special effect attached to Gore.  Whereas a chimaera has a slow, and cats have a bleed, boars have nothing extra.  As a result, they are useful, but not the best.

In PvE, tenacity pets are for utility mostly.  Boars don’t give a lot of that, and so they shouldn’t be seen in a PvE environment usually.

Although I have not had the experience of hunting next to a boar, I still remember the sights of boars hurling themselves at a foe, smashing bone and tearing sinew with their tusks.  Boars seem more to me like a walking bundle of iron-bound muscle and rock-hard bone.

Boars are incredibly stubborn more often than not, and they never give up.  If their first charge was a failure, you can bet your gun or bow that they’ll just turn around and slam into your back side.  Boars seem to be incredibly agile for such massive, if boorish, creatures.

If there’s one thing I find I like about them though it is this: the noises they make.  They’re enough to make me laugh every time.  Honestly, HROINK?


Do you even need to ask? Really?

This is all I have to say.



  1. I leveled my boar all the way to 70 on my hunter simply because I loved the “personality” it seemed to have. The little hop and snuffling of the ground while wriggling was incredibly endearing to me, then the insane burst of speed while it charged a mob while squealing just made me love Peeve all the more.

  2. Great article…I kept my Plagued Swine from classic WoW all the way to level 80 before finally bidding him a tearful goodbye one night in Ratchet. Grugach was a great tank pet with a hilarious butt-wiggle animation. Still miss him. I hope he’s enjoying his retirement goring Southsea pirates and generally causing mayhem up and down the Merchant Coast.

  3. Don’t forget that a boar isn’t picky about what it eats. Fungi, fruit, meat, bread, desserts…. its a wild pig that forages anything edible. It is nice knowing you don’t need to find a certain food vendor.

  4. @ Tim
    A very good point. I shall make sure to mention diets in my next creature feature, and update all the ones I have written to include it.

  5. I had my favorite little Bacon for a while.. then I needed to give him up back in the small hunter stable days. He was great for initial lock on aggro. See a mob going for a healer or other squishy? Zam!Bam! No they’re not.

    Once the stables opened up a bit more I went and got a new Bacon from one of the old low-low instances… RFD I think. This guy had the armor plating skin. Perfect for a Tenacity.

  6. Awesome post, i’m an old-school hunter, on both of my hunters (75/80) i have goretusk? (the boar just west of the town in red ridge), kept them through the 3.0 nerf (that hurt alot), and finally now that thunderstomp is coming out i’m leveling them again. I’ve been through so much with my boars and they never let me down; i am more attached to them than anything in the game.

  7. My dwarf is designed around his boar. They even have pre-determined names, “Dvyde & Konker”. (Sound it out…) ~_^

    I have the cyboarg(swidt) from RFK(?) and, as odd as this may sound, he reminds me of my cat who, when I yell at another cat to get off the table, will wiggle his butt, jet over to them, and kick their @$$.

    Furthermore, my dwarf is an engineer; will have the roflcopter and bike, only has clockwork vanity pets, and the Rotting Agam’ar fits into my whole steampunk thing.

    So, yeah…!


  8. The big nerf to boars was 2.3 or 2.4. Before then, Growl’s threat was based off the pet’s attack power. Charge doubled the pet’s attack power for its next attack, which was almost always Growl. That’s where the huge threat spike came in, enough that non-BM hunters could have a pet that held aggro easily.

    After that patch, Growl’s threat was based off the hunter’s AP, and so wasn’t affected by Charge. Straight damage was the best way to buff a pet’s ability to hold threat, so the raiding DPS pets reigned supreme for most soloing until 3.0 dropped and talented Growl hit the scene.

  9. @Boobah
    I still think that the initial burst damage from a boar was enough threat to keep the mob in one place longer than a cat or ravager could.

    Boars still took the tanking crown until 3.0, is my point… maybe by not as much, but it still worked.

  10. Keep in mind that not everything that looks like a boar considered a boar. The creatures that resemble boars in Outland are classified as demons for example.

  11. @Tagashi
    Good point, but all hunters should know that only beasts are tamable.

    Besides, Hellboars look ugly, smell bad, and taste like leathery, burnt bacon that’s spent at least 3 summer days outside.

    I’m taking Colemand’s word on that last one.

  12. That boar in Redridge, his name is Bellygrub, he use to be the best boar until the upper 40’s he had a certain charge and gore rank. I definately do not miss the days of having to train certain pets and then grind them until you learned their spell.

  13. I have a spacegoat hunter with the blue armored boar from one of the Razorfens. His name is Spacehog.

    That is all I have to add to this discussion other than applause for this blog in general. ❤

  14. Thanks oriniwen! That’s really kind of you.

    Keep an eye out for more of these: I’m posting them until I run out of pet families.

  15. Hey Klinderas – I enjoyed your Creature Feature and now feel somehow nostalgic. It’s been ages since I played my hunter for the last time and now and then I still feel the urge to level a new one…

    Back then I knew nothing about tenacity pets or how they are different from each other (except for the unique skills) and since I’m kinda unfamiliar with hunters this is the first time I read about it. Definitely 5 stars for you and a bookmark for me in case I want to play a hunter again 😛


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