Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Just in case.

Just in case.

Just a quick announcement! For those who don’t know, Nance over at Alterac Volley has been working on a new WoW site.

Not just any WoW site, mind you, but a news site.  WoW Headlines does two things: first, it finds all the posts from registered bloggers, and the it posts them in an easy to find format.

In layman’s terms, it’s a site where all the biggest WoW posts are put on one site.  It’s a one stop to shop!

What this means is this: you will go there, and check on it routinely.  There are blogs for every class being highlighted, including yours truly.  The site has been helpful to me for finding a lot of posts I would not otherwise.

Okay, that’s the announcement.  Now go and check it out!

In addition, Alterac Volley and WoW Headlines are being added to the sidebar.

Oh wait! HOLD ON I SAY.

I’d also like to embarrass Faulsey over at Master’s Call one last time: Congratulations on the Guide(which you should all check out!), and I’ll bet my mount money you’ll hit 8 thousand views today!

Oh, and guess what?

I told you so.  HA!

You over sized, big blue space goat!


But I am still more fabulous! I am the only thing that equates to fabulous! I AM FABULOUS INCARNATE! AVATAR OF FABULOUS! RAAAAAAAAAWR!




  1. D:

    S’not that big a thing, really. Also, I have 880 views to go. That’s what I got in the last 5 hours of yesterday, when I was on front page of WI. No longer on front page, so I probably won’t. Actually, I’m kinda hoping I don’t, because this is getting scary!

    Oh, and I’m totally closing my blog FOREVER in 10 views time, cause I’ll have had 1337 views today. THAT MUST BE IMMORTALISED! (No, I’m obviously not :P)

  2. … Faulsey! You might not be front page toDAY…

    But you will be soon. I bet you that WI does a follow up. Happens all the time.

  3. Not a problem, Nance. WoW Headlines is very useful for me, and your site is a good read. I should have added you a while ago.

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