Plotting A Kill

Have a plan to kill everyone you meet!

Have a plan to kill everyone you meet!

Well, since I can’t actually go out there and shoot things dead, I have been planning on how to talent myself and my pets to kill stuff quickly and efficiently.

Plotting the kill, so to speak.

Now, it’s too early to write guides, so I’m not going into extreme detail.  However, if all the changes go through, my talents will look similar to what I’m about to show you, for PvP at least.  I’ll do PvE next post.

As most of you know, I’m a Beastmaster first and foremost.  As a result, all my talent choices for the pets I will show you will be with the 4 extra points from Beastmastery.  When the time comes for my guides, I will do posts for everyone.  For now though, I need more experience with them before I can go about posting about them!

So, how will I talent myself for PvP? Simplicity itself.  You need only click here.

The way I look at it is this: Beastmaster hunters are focused, in PvP, on surviving everything.  We don’t have the damage capabilities of Survival, nor the utility that Marksmanship provides.  We still dish out lots of damage, but as a Beastmaster, we have the most Durability talents out there.  Therefore, we’re tanking.

Spirit Bond, Thick Hide, Endurance Training, Catlike Reflexes… the build has a lot of durability.  For PvP, this is absolutely needed, and the majority of these points also increase pet durability as well.  This is necessary, as Beastmastery PvP is centered around keeping your pet alive.  If the pet dies, it’s a huge problem: it’s almost as bad as losing a member of the team.

So, there’s durability.  The other important part of PvP is damage.  Beastmasters get damage talents by accident.  It’s impossible to move to the top of the tree without getting DPS talents.  Between Bestial Wrath, Ferocity, Kindred Spirits, and Ferocious Inspiration to name only a few, Beastmasters have a good deal of damage going their way.  So, no issues there.

As far as being to outlast an opponent, mana problems aren’t that big for Beastmasters for PvP.  We put on AotV, our pet still does full damage.  So, we aren’t losing out that much when we need mana.

Which begs the question: which pets am I bringing? Well, I have a pack of 5 of them, but I’d only be bringing 3 into PvP situations: Radix, Jormungandr, and Fafnir.

How will they be talented? Well, find out in a later post! Don’t you all just love suspense?!

The build I have up for my talents is usable right now, actually.  If someone gives it a shot, I would love to hear your feedback.  You can find my e-mail under the “Contact me!” page at the top.

Well, until next time, good hunting.