Almost There

dingIt seems like such a short time ago when I started blogging…

Actually, it has been a short time.  Only since December, actually.  I hit 1000 views in January, and I held a small party to celebrate.

Well, the crowd is obviously bigger, and it’s almost time for the next party.


I’m almost at 10, 000 views! This is huge news, for me at least.

As a way to celebrate, I’m going to hold another contest! It’s the same as last time.  Take a screenshot of my views at exactly 10, 000 and I will draw your character, plus any pets he/she has! If none of them are exactly 10, 000, I will do the closest to 10, 000.

To send the screenshot of my views, send it to me by e-mail.  For the information, just see the “Contact me!” page at the top.

Once I’ve determined the winner(s) I will tell those people how to get their characters drawn!

In any case, thanks for reading!




    Now I need to come up with a 10,000 views thing!

    And I’m like 500 off!

    -runs around panicking-

  2. @Faulsey – HEY. You stop. At least you have notice to come up with something fun! My 10,000 has come and gone and I will only have 11,000 to do something. And let’s face it, that’s not as good a cornerstone number as 10,000.

  3. @Rilgon
    The one where I hit 1000 views. No one sent screenshots…
    So, I promised this would be a big one, but there was no time!

    Oh, well, that explains everything doesn’t it?! 😛

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