I Knew It! Crap! I Knew It!




Would anyone care to take a guess as to why? Anyone?

Here, read this then.

You’re back? Good.

I wrote a post about this a while back.  People should pay me.  Mrs. Cleo, get outta my way, Klinderas is here.

Hello, this is Mr. Klin.  I tell the future.  Especially pertaining to Blizzard and their complete lack of follow-through ability on a problem.

See, every hunter around the globe has heard that there will be ammo changes.  Everyone was hoping something would be done.  Well, almost everyone.

In any case, the large majority of hunters were sick of paying exorbitant amounts of money for consumable ammunition.  Then, hark, the Ghostcrabs sing.

It will be gone.

They lied though, and it’s not gone yet.  They, quite literally, did nothing.  That was my analysis, anyway.  And this WoWInsider article proves it.  We can stack to 1000 arrows!.. great.  We still have to pay for them 200 at a time.  They cost the exact same amount they did before, except there’s MORE of them at a time.  Which does nothing, really.

You want a cop-out? This is it ladies and gentlemen.  Hunters will still be paying an arm and a leg to get ammo, just more of it.  Quivers are now glorified bags, seeing as the only thing Blizzard did change was the quiver haste.


Honestly, I am not surprised, but this was a complete failure on Blizzard’s part.  They said they’d fix the problem.  What they did was… make it look different, but the exact same problem is still there!

This make me a very unhappy wolf.


I can only hope that Blizzard doesn’t pull this crap come next patch.  At least make it so you can buy arrows in packs of 1000 for the same amount as before.  That would fix this problem quickly.

Can you do that much, Blizzard? Or am I going to have to start taking these expensive arrows and shoving them up your expensive buttocks?



  1. Somewhere inside of me is a long-winded post about the recent changes and policies that Blizzard is coming up with that are, to me at least, thinly disguised attempts at getting the WoW economy in order. It’s little things like this that keep hunters spending lots of gold and help keep everyone’s gold savings down. You could argue this ammo deal wouldn’t make a big enough dent to matter but it’s this, plus dozens of other things that are happening, that all add up in my head as trouble.

  2. Oh my.

    -activates the “wind screen wipers” Ellaria installed on his glasses-

    The venom!

    It’s not that bad! While, yes, I am not a happy space goat with Blizzard for saying “Hey! We’re getting rid of stacking ammo” then turning around and saying “Ohwait, no, we’re not. But hey, you still get half a bag slot back!” (I say half a bag because you still need space for Arrows in your newly reclaimed slot.)

    As it stands, the only change is the bag slot change. Personally, ammo prices don’t bother me, but I’m going to be an old timer and say “Back in my day, I paid frickin 5k a stack of Arrows, and 10k a stack of Bullets in FFXI, and they only stacked to 99! And making money was a BITCH!”

    As it stands, I tend to use 20 of my ammo slots for Vendor arrows (trash, questing) and the remaining 8 for Saronite Razorheads. The vendor arrows will cost you, what, 6g for 4000? You should surely make 60g back within 4000 arrows.

    The price on Saronite Razorheads (and I assume mammoth cutters) tends to be around 30-40g per box. Given I, personally, only use Razorheads on bosses, where I’ll maybe use a couple hundred, and get back, say 10g from a boss… I’m actually making more money than I’m shooting away!

    It’s really not as bad as it first seems… except that, of course, Blizzard got us all excited for no ammo, then decided, yes ammo.

  3. @Faulsey
    It’s not that you can’t make the money back.

    It’s that we are(to my knowledge) the only ones that have to pay that much to attack! It’s silly!

    The only reason I am happy inside is ’cause I am an Engineer, and I can make ammunition.

    And that’s a very small part of me that’s happy, mind you. The rest of me is very, very annoyed.

  4. -shrug- It’s something that just makes sense. We need ammo to put in our weapons, ammo costs money. Since we’re at range, assuming we aren’t dying, we’re also not paying money just to take damage, unlike melee – especially tanks.

    The real problem is those dastardly clothies. Their repairs are a pittance, and anyway, they don’t take durability damage of any form, since they aren’t firing weapons!

    I suppose I’ll mention it again though: I’m really calm when it comes to changes to my classes in WoW, because it is still a much less painful game than FFXI ever was. If a healer ever tells me just how hard it is to level, I’ma beat them upside the head and make them solo level as White Mage in FFXI. 😛

    (Note: the comment above this was in reference to my original comment where I said as it stands too much. :P)

  5. Sorry guys, having a very hard time feeling too sorry for you here. Yeah, you’ve still got to shell out some gold for your arrows/bullets, but you get thousand stacks. How long will 1000 arrows last you? That 1000 arrows will take up exactly ONE space in ONE bag. So at worst you’re compressing what used to take up a whole bag into two or three slots. Effectivly you’re gaining upwards of 20 bag slots.

    Warlocks on the other hand not only didn’t get stacking shards (you got it and you’re throwing a hissy fit about it) but our shard inventory is actually getting limited to 32. Imagine how much suck you would be embracing right now if instead of non consumable ammo (what was promised somewhere down the line), or instead of stacking ammo up to 1000, you were told that you could only carry 500 arrows max. They will make it easier to find arrows along the way, but you still only get 500.

    Locks are being told that they only get 32 shards, I can blow through more than 50 on a longer boss fight in naxx. How much would it suck to be told you can only carry enough ammo to make it halfway through the first boss pull of any raid you walk into?

  6. 1000 arrows is gone pretty quick if your in Naxx 😦
    I agree that the shards for locks blows though.

  7. Just put on a 22 slot bag instead of your quiver. Fill it with 8 stacks of arrows (which is much more than you have now) and you have 14 extra slots of bag space. What’s the problem? This is still a good change, even if you need to click the same amount of time to buy the arrows. I never expected arrows to become free myself.
    I’m using an addon to buy arrows whenever I’m talking to a vendor that offers them, and which I have a reputation discount with. Saves me the trouble of clicking buy myself and makes sure I always stock my quiver up full whenever possible.

  8. @Niteshift
    Yes, Warlocks got the pooch blown over in terms of bag space. That sucks.

    That also, unfortunately, wasn’t my point.

    The point behind the changes Blizzard made were targeted specifically at reducing costs. This was a complete failure. They tried to make for it with bag-space, but I have gotten along fine with 1 less bag for a couple of years now. Honestly, I would have been happier with a serious cost reduction over an increase of bag space.

    I’m not going to lie: Warlocks didn’t get the best deal out of this patch either. What I’m angry about is Blizzard’s complete oversight of the bigger problem which could be fixed in one fell swoop: make the arrows come in stacks of 1000, for the same price as 200. I’m sure the “technology” exists.

    I’m not going to lie: 22 slot bags are a bit of a luxury for me. I’d be stuck with a 16 slot for now. 4-5 slots out of the bag would be taken up by arrows. The rest is new bag space. That’s okay.

    What’s not(as said above) is Blizzard’s inability to address the main problem. We’re still paying the same damn amount!

    Until they at least price the arrows down a bit, I’m not going to be happy about the ammo changes. That was the main problem: that was what they hit and missed.

  9. @niteshift, what you’ve missed is that the 32-shard limitation was put into place because otherwise warlocks would have too many shards, thanks to the change to Drain Soul (which now, supposedly, generates a shard on every tick on an enemy that can yield honor or XP). Even if you go through 50 shards on a single boss fight, you’re never going to run out if you remember to cast Drain Soul every now and then.

  10. Blizzard broke my heart with the “we’re fixing pet slots!”

    …no wait, just noncom pets. Screw you,hunters.

    Once bitten, twice shy.

  11. Yeah – and don’t get anyone started on druid skin changes – that’s right Klinderas we’re jacking your thread now!

  12. *sigh*

    Saw it coming.

    Maybe I should make forums. =P
    HA! Moderate forums? Fat chance!

    In any case…

    I was pretty sure that they meant non-combat pets from the start, but I could be wrong. In any case, I wasn’t blogging yet at that point, and I was still playing like crazy, and preparing for school.

    But we have a portable stable now, which is great. If there’s one thing Blizzard has managed to deliver on, it’s pets. I’m just afraid of homogenization, but that’s a different post.

    I’m just miffed that they completely lost focus of the real-problem when they were trying to make this change: it wasn’t so much bag-space as price.

  13. oh – it was *always* bag space I think – most of us haven’t really clued in to how much we’ve spent over a lifetime of play on ammo. The rest probably don’t care. Or do they? For me though – losing the quiver was alllll about bag-space.

  14. That’s what they did to make up for their lack of focus. “You still have to pay silly amounts for ammo, but LOOK! more BAG SLOTS!”

    Not impressed. Bag space doesn’t save me tons of money. If it weren’t for arrows, I’m sure I’d have gotten my epic mount and everything else on top of it.

  15. @Klinderas
    You’re right you still have to pay for ammo, but from what I read the price wasn’t the point of making this change. It was giving hunters the bag slot back. Every hunter blog that I’ve looked at (and I look at more than a few of them looking for info for my wife’s toon) was, and is more centered on the bag slot. The only thing I can remember reading that even mentioned the cost issue was someone pointing out the engineer got screwed out of a large(possiably the only) part of the gold they can make from being an engineer.

    I haven’t missed the change to the drain soul generating soul shards, I just don’t trust it. Glyph of Drain Soul has a ‘chance’ to generate a second soul shard when a correct level mob dies while under the influnce of drain soul. I can count the number of times I’ve seen this proc on one hand. The tool tip language on the new drain soul is the same. You have a ‘chance’ to generate a shard anytime you’re casting drain soul

    I’m not on the PTR so I haven’t seen just how much of a proc rate they have put into it but I imagine it will be RNG based to some point and we all know how kind that RNG can be. Making players effectivly stop DPS (drain soul is a dps looser for 75% of the fight) to generate a few shards is something like making your MT fight disarmed every time he attacks a new target in order to build rage. But now I’m off point again.

    Ammo still costs you coin, and it always will in some way or another, but this change, and the full non-consumable ammo somewhere down the line has been to my understanding about bag space not cost.

  16. @Niteshift
    It’s always been my understanding that it was the other way around.

    The big celebration when the first change was announced was the fact we didn’t have to pay for ammo anymore. The bagspace was a great thing too, but the main point towards the change was to reduce cost.

    That’s the big problem. Bagspace, to me anyway, is a luxury. 10 more slots isn’t going to make my day.

    But if the cost of arrows was reduced to 1/5th of what it was(which is what I proposed Blizzard do), then I would be happy. The big issue for hunter-ammo would have been solved.

    But Blizzard “didn’t have the technology” and now the cost reduction I was looking forward too, and the solution to our main problem with consumable ammo, isn’t being addressed.

    As it stands, it still looks like I’ll be questing as a melee huntard to avoid ammo costs.

  17. @Klinderas
    Guess it just goes to show how different folks read different things into something. You read the change and got cost savings, I read it and got bag space. I’ve always bankrolled my wife’s hunter when she needed it so I think she was much more excited about the bagspace as well.

  18. Klinderas,

    I hate to say it man, but bag space is really the main issue. If you are having trouble paying for ammo in this game, then what are you spending your cash on? Ammo costs next to nothing! You need to refill your bag or quiver, then just go out and kill some mobs. Just the junk drops alone will net you enough cash to get you 4 or 5 more stacks of ammo for every one you use grinding the mobs. It’s easy, 1 arcane shot and then turn off your auto shot and let the pet finish the fight. Just sit back and heal him. Bag space is at a premium, ammo cost is insignificant. Besides, Even an engineer has to make a living.

  19. @Whitestone

    Then maybe I read oddly, or something. I was excited for not having to pay for ammo, everyone else was excited for bag space.

    I guess I’m the odd one out on this one.

    As far as ammo costs, engineer ammo, which you need a bit of, is actually quite costly from time to time depending on the market on your server. Being an engineer, this is fine by me, but I’m not just an engineer. I’m a hunter, and not everyone should have to pay for extravagant amounts of saronite ammo.

    But, market whining aside, ammo can cost quite a bit depending on how much you use. Sure, vendor trash can make up for vendor ammo, but expensive ammo is expensive.

    I was really excited to see the cost disappear, but I fear that will not happen.

    I guess that if bagspace was the big issue, which everyone else says it is, then I apologize for my tone and snarkyness. However, I still stand by the fact that this was a letdown for me, anyway, and since it’s my blog, I kinda matter.


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