Pet Talent Peek Show

His eyes glow red! That's talent... right?

His eyes glow red! That's talent... right?

Every day now, it feels like patch 3.1 might drop down on us like a 10 ton hammer.  The skies will burn red, the rivers will run with blood, and the world as we know it will end.

As if.  There are going to be changes, but most of them will be beneficial to us hunters.  Blizzard has given Survivalists Black Arrow, Marksmens are now officially the Ranged Arms Warrior(RAW for short.  I want 25 cents every time I see it! Got that Fox?)… and Beastmasters lost Improved Wing Clip.

All jokes aside, Beastmasters got something new and shiny to play with… a whole new tier of pet talents that no one else can really access.  Survivalists and RAW’s can only get one point in the new tiers, but Beastmasters can access all of the goodies up there if they so wish.  By doing so, however, we further stretch our points thin.  This is the tricky part: how do we decide our pet’s points now with these new talents at the top?

Well, seeing as I have 5 pets, I will show you how I will use my pet’s talents to their maximum potential, so long as the talent trees continue to look as they do on the PTR.  If you are unfamiliar with how they look, there is no need to worry: I will show you visuals.  These are guidelines, so you can fiddle with the points as you see fit.  Furthermore, this is not a guide: guides will have to wait until the patch drops, and when I re-do my guides for pets.  As a result, I am not going into a lot of detail here.

Radix: PvP
A lot of these choices are explained in my Furry Gladiators post for Ferocity pets.  The big difference is that the new tier of pet talents gives us Shark Attack.  See the talent in the bottom left? That’s it.  Shark Attack is only available to Ferocity pets.  It increases your pet’s damage with all attacks by 3/6%.  Layman’s terms, it’s a glorified Spiked Collar, but with 2 points total instead of 3.

The other way I’d be tempted to go is by taking one point from Shark Attack and both points in Improved Cower, and place them into Call of the Wild and Wild Hunt.  Wild Hunt is a new talent for all pets.  It increases the bonuses your pet gets from your stamina and your attack power by 20% and 10%/40% and 20% respectively.  It’s a very powerful talent, and has different uses for every tree.

I’ll talk about it more another day.  Now, lets see what would happen to Link.

Link: PvE
Once again, I followed my own advice from my PvE guide for Ferocity Pets.  But with the two new talents into the mix, it makes the tree a bit top heavy.

The only way I’d change this is by taking 1 point from Shark Attack and placing it in Heart of the Phoenix.  That ability has been so useful, I don’t know how I’d live without it.

Now, how about Lucas?

Lucas: Solo Tank
You’re going to notice two new things here: First, the weird rock-fist in the middle-right of the tree, and the gorilla face at the bottom.

Let me start by saying that Tenacity got the most love out of the three trees in 3.1, so far.  The rock-fist? It’s Thunderstomp.  The fabled gorilladin isn’t just gorillas anymore: it now applies to all tenacity pets.  For soloing, Thunderstomp is going to make it so much easier.

The gorilla face is a new talent called Silverback.  Whenever your pet growls, it gets healed for 1/2% of its maximum health.  Another self heal? For soloing, this is also going to be very nice to have.

How about tenacity PvP? Look no farther: Jormungandr has the answer.

Jormungandr: PvP
jormungandr-31-pvp1Why no Silverback? Because your pet doesn’t like growling players.  And even if he does, I think it’s more useful to have more HP and attack power.  Hence, the use of Wild Hunt for Tenacity: boosting damage and durability, making it a serious threat in PvP.

If I had to change anything, I’d take Boar’s Speed and put the point into Pet Barding.  That’s about it though.

But what about cunning pets? Fafnir will show you.

Fafnir: PvP
So what are the new talents in the Cunning Tree? We all know Grace of the Mantis and Roar of Sacrifice, don’t we? They’re in the tenacity tree too!

In short, this is very useful, but it’s also the biggest cop-out since 41 point Trap Mastery in the Survival tree.

But what about Cunning PvE? Well, I’m going to borrow a Wind Serpent to show you.

Cunning Pet: PvE
Obviously different looking, yes? Hence the use of WIld Hunt in the Cunning tree: PvE DPS.  Completely different use than in the tenacity tree, where it’s for PvP viability.

As I have said before, this is not a guide on “how to.”  This is only what I am planning on doing for my pets.  If anything, this is just a glimpse into what might happen should patch 3.1 drop tomorrow or soon afterwards.  Personally, I’m looking forward to these new talents, although it’s getting hard to see where to put some of them sometimes.

So, how talented are your pets? How do you think they will change with this new tier of talents?