Who Pushed Fast Forward!?

x128.  At least.

x128. At least.

Well, the momentous occasion has happened:

I hit 10 000 views today, in probably the craziest manner possible.  I woke up this morning, wrote a post, and proceeded to class.  Got back from classes, checked on the blog.  Everything was good… until 3 seconds later when the number of visits that day went from 92 to 234.

WoWInsider, you are now at fault for being… almost half of my total views.  Don’t believe me? Here’s my evidence!

It's over 4000!

It's over 4000!

Needless to say, big jump.

I also held a small party to celebrate my 10 000 views! Once again, I used the screenshot contest.  This time, we had entries!

I decided to do the 3 closest entries, seeing as the number counter was having an aneurysm and not updating properly.

I’d like to congratulate Faulsey(who also hit 10 000 views today!), Anea, and Lus on their entries! They won a drawing from me to them of their characters.  I will likely post them, so long as I have permission.  But out of the three, Faulsey won the hardest…


10 000 on the button.  The man is filled with luck.

Once again, congratulations you three!

On an ending note for this post, thank you to everyone for reading this blog, and I hope you continue to find me entertaining and informative.

The next party, for which I better have some preparation time(WoWInsider, I’m looking at you…) should be legendary.  Just 90 000 more to go!



  1. OHNO!

    You know what we forgot to do?

    We forgot to do “It’s over 9000!!!!!!!!!” posts when we had 9000 views!

    We fail at the interwebs D:

  2. Heh, I am too! I’ve been meaning to try my hand at drawing things other than Colemand, Klinderas, and my Covers.

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