Creature Feature: Windserpent

I just hope Harrison Jones doesn't run into these.

I just hope Harrison Jones doesn't run into these.

Windserpents are mysterious, yet beautiful creatures.  Like snakes, they have long, sinewy bodies with multicoloured scales; they also have wings.

Before Patch 3.0, windserpents were a close 4th on the “pets you should have” list.  Before 3.0, this was a huge deal.  If you were in a serious guild and had a windserpent, you wouldn’t be seen as a total huntard.  That says a lot about their power before 3.0.

Like the lightning they wield, windserpents are quick, powerful, and brutal.  The changes made in patch 3.0 only augmented their power.


Windserpents are Cunning pets.  This means they are completely balanced: 5% increases to armor, hit points, and damage.  What this means is that a windserpent can potentially do anything, provided you talent them properly.

The focus dump skill for windserpents is Bite, and their unique move is Lightning Breath.

Windserpents are one of the more popular pets in World of Warcraft.  Before patch 3.0 though, a great number of them had “caster” stats.  This meant that they were worse in every respect than a pet without them.  However, this has remedied: all windserpents are perfectly fine.

Windserpents are beautiful pets, with great colouration.  They have 10 different skins, all of which are tamable.  Windserpents are truly a stunning pet thanks to the variety of colours they can have.

Windserpents eat fish, cheese, and bread.  If you level your fishing, finding food for these pets isn’t hard: otherwise, you’re going to be shelling out some cash for cheese and bread at your local inkeeper.

Windserpents are tamable by all hunters.


Lightning Breath: Does nature damage to a single enemy.

Lightning Breath is a very straightforward ability: do damage to an enemy.  While this comes as a weak point because of the lack of special effects(like a slow or a casting time reduction), that’s also Lightning Breath’s strength.  Damage is useful anywhere, and there’s no argument with that.

In addition, it’s nature damage.  This is important for a couple reasons.  First, it means that Lightning Breath bypasses armor, as it is a magic attack.  Second, it means it can be resisted by nature resistant/immune mobs.

Lightning Breath, like most other pet attacks, scales with your Attack Power.  The stronger you get, the stronger your pet gets! It’s a win-win situation.

Lastly, Lightning Breath is ranged.  Windserpents can attack form range, meaning they get a jump on DPS the instant they get within range to use it.  No need to worry: unlike pre-3.0, Lightning Breath can be cast in melee range.  Your windserpent won’t have to run out of melee in order to cast it.


Windserpents make their homes anywhere, but particularly in PvE and large-scale PvP areas(Battlegrounds, Wintergrasp, etc).

When specced properly, windserpents can put out incredible amounts of DPS in a raid.  Their balanced stats currently place them behind Ferocity pets on DPS meters, but the extra utility they bring the hunter is stellar.  Roar of Recovery allows you to regain a great deal of mana in a very small amount of time.  More time spent out of AotV is more time spent dealing damage.  In addition, Wolverine Bite is a very powerful move, and is only available to Cunning pets.

For Soloing, they have many talents that help with survivability.  One talent in particular helps keep winserpents running: Carrion Feeder.  Thanks to Carrion Feeder, cunning pets of all kinds can quickly heal and feed themselves, saving you time, money, and food.

For large-scale PvP, windserpents have many powerful talents designed to help deal lots of damage while mitigating incoming damage, such as Cornered.  In addition, some of the damage windserpents do is magical, and pierces through armor.  Paladins and Warriors can’t hide behind their plate: magic goes through it.

In Arenas though, windserpents tend to be at a disadvantage.  It’s not that they’re bad.  It’s only that Lightning Breath has no additional effects(like slows and stuns, for instance) which are almost necessary in an arena environment.  As a result, windserpents don’t like arenas very much.


These creatures are beautiful, and elegant.  Like the lightning they wield, windserpents are fast, powerful, and without mercy.

When friendly to you, windserpents are almost like another person.  They are incredibly intelligent, and one wonders if they are, in fact, smarter than some humanoids.  They’re certainly smarter than kobolds.

They have long teeth, but unlike their serpentine brethren, they are not venemous.  Not that that’s the dangerous part: they spew lightning from their mouths!

If you see an unfriendly windserpent, make sure to keep your distance unless you know what you are doing.  They are a deadly as they are beautiful… but when befriended, they make for loyal, intelligent, and often very rewarding comerades.


Use a stick, and pierce the wings.  Slowly woast the wings over a fire, glazing them with sauce.  Use a brush while glazing, as you don’t want the sauce to pool up in some areas and not be found in others.  Make sure you don’t overcook it, or you’ll be eating leather.

Because of their inherent energy, windserpents have a very strong, bitter-sweet taste.  Best to use a sweet or sour sauce to glaze the wings with.

Serve wings with cheesed nachos, and you’re golden.



  1. My absolute favourite pet of all time. The first time I was lurking in IF on my druid and I saw a hunter with the gorgeous blue Deviate Dreadfang, a little spark started in me and I *knew* hunter was the class for me.

    I’m very sad their raid utility has really gone down, I miss my Sinner.

  2. @oriniwen

    You mean being able to cast Roar of Recovery on healers and such, yes?
    It is slightly annoying, but at least it still works on us. As I said, more time spent out of viper is more time doing damage. Win-win.

    In addition, windserpent damage is actually very high. With the new tier of pet talents coming out, and the homogenization of pet stats, I think that Cunning pets will break out in style.

    Add in the lowered cooldown on Roar of Recovery(3 minutes, 2 minutes 6 seconds for Beastmasters) and cunning pets will be highly useful.

  3. *hugs Deadlock*
    Deadlock’s my Deviate Dreadfang. I love her, so much I include her “thoughts” in my guild posts. It annoys the other guildies, but I love her 😀
    I tamed her at level (I can’t remember)…I loved her. I still do. Even though she spends a lot of time stabled (since I’m using a crocolisk named Papercut) with Paranoia (my Old Cliff Jumper)…

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