We’ve Been Relaxin’

Dalaran: Totally not this.

Dalaran: Totally not this.

Vacations are fun.  Sometimes, they’re needed; other times, not so much.

Well, I’ve been taking a forced vacation for the better part of two months now.  I didn’t have choice in the matter, but I am not really complaining.  To be honest, I was sick of coming home drenched in the fluids and gore from the undead, trolls, gods, or some combination thereof.  Terrible chore to wash your hair afterwards.

So, for the better part of two months, I have been relaxing in Dalaran.  I cannot get mugged, murdered, or otherwise “dealt with”.  It is pretty, and I like the food.  Additionally, they actually have shops here for fun.  I don’t normally shop for the fun of it, but it’s always worth a chuckle when you think that a group of the most serious magicians on the planet have a store dedicated to annoying people.


I also bought myself a new shirt.  The other one smelled permanently of blood, sweat, poison, and bile, so I was happy to shell out a few gold for this new shirt.  Fits snugly under my armor, to boot, and is very lightweight.  Breathes well too.


Colemand has also had to take a vacation, but for different reasons.  He sent me a letter saying that he had finally “had it” with the Hellfire Peninsula, and that he is taking a break and going somewhere “nice”.  “Somewhere without any “gods-be-damned goblins,” he said.  Said something else about removing the spleen of the next one that asks him to walk their dog.


In any case, he has been in Nagrand since.  He’s been experimenting with different foods out there, such as Talbuks, and is currently trying to perfect a new recipe.  I have heard something about turning elementals into energy drinks, but nothing since his last letter.

He also sent a photo.


Maybe it's the energy drinks? /shrug

Apparently, he is being paid to swim at night by the local Mag’Har, if he is to swim at all.  I guess being undead has it’s advantages from time to time.

But while we have been on vacation, some new talent has showed up.  I’d like to introduce everyone to our newest member: Cluro.



Cluro is a nice, if somewhat brainless tauren.  I’ll explain on a later date how we met, but he’s a good bull, and that’s all that matters.  He has begun his training as a hunter, and is currently campaigning in the Ghostlands.  The Scourge is determined to keep the Ghostlands apparently, and have re-resurrected Darkhan Drathir.  Again.


Anyways, while adventuring, Cluro has taken to befriending a boar he has named Gorignak.  Cluro would just like to mention there is nothing wrong with boars, and Gorignak has been an amazing companion.  I can now attest that boars are perfectly fine pets, and that getting one isn’t a crime or anything.  Yes.  Quite.

Cluro is currently training to be a beastmaster for a little bit, but he really wants to be a marksman.  Rilgon should be flattered.

So, lets give a big welcome to Cluro and Gorignak!

Brace yourselves from the Balistic Brawn of the Battle Boar!

Pose as a Team, 'cause it just got REAL.

Well, that’s the situation here at Slow Wolf Headquarters.  Another 3 weeks or so until our vacation is up.

Personally, I can’t wait.  I’ve got people to shoot and stuff to loot.


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  1. Welcome, Cluro and Gorignak!

    (I’m a little scared of that last picture – is he throwing Gorignak? Or is Gorignak just leaping forward to slay whatever unknowing creatures are around Silverm- NO! He better not be killing a kitty!)

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