That Which We Call A Klinderas…


By any other name, would be just as fabulous.


I have been chosen once again to partake in a vicious game of “tag”.  By whom? The answer to that question surprised even myself.

Syrana, from “Sideshow and Syrana”, has demanded to know what the names of those at Slow Wolf mean.  Well, that’s a fair question, and I’d be happy to answer it so well that Syrana’s grandchildren will feel the burn.


klinderas-trackingKlinderas: The first half of the name, Klin, is an anagram of a famous hero named Link.  Link is said to have defeated many thousands of foes by himself, and to be skilled with the sword, the bow, and the bomb among any number of other things.  He was also rumored to be able to travel through time, and change the seasons at will.

The second half, Eras, means Light or Presence, depending on intonation.  So, my name either means “Light of the Hero” or “the Hero’s Presence”.  Both of which are incredibly over-the-top, even by my standards.

In any case, I blame my parents.

colemand-portraitColemand: Colemand, according to his limited memory, is named after a commander in a story his father heard when he was young.  This hero, Coleman Stryker, apparently championed his people, but in so doing lost his humanity and committed unspeakable crimes against humanity in order to protect his country.  The fallen hero was able to control machines twice the size of a man at will, and cast spells that shook the earth or sent lightning across the battlefield.  He also had the strength of 10 men, and was very skilled with the blade.

Fitting, seeing as how Colemand now seems to fit this description pretty well.

cluros-portraitCluro: Cluro was named after his mother Fiera.  According to him, apparently it means “Sky” in one way or another.  Seeing as he is from the Cloudrunner clan, it seemed fitting.  Keeping with the theme, Cluro named his boar Gorignak, which means “Rock” or “Earth” in some foreign language.  Sky and Earth… hmm.

In any case, that is all the people at Slow Wolf.  That is how we are named.  

As I was saying, answered like a professional to a point where it hurts.  Now, the last part of these “tag” games is to choose people to subject to the same challenge.

Personally, I never really like picking people, as it makes everyone else feel left out.  As a result, you are all challenged.  Anyone who reads this is now “tagged”.  If you want, you can respond on your own blog or you can post in the comments! Personally, learning about people’s names can teach a lot about them.  

And knowing is half the battle.


Not that there is going to be a battle or anything.


Next time, we’re talking talents! I’m starting a new type of post here at Slow Wolf called “Under the Gun” which will describe, detail, and teach about a particular talent or spell.  You, yes you, can request which talent or spell I will do next.  Simply send me an e-mail and I will see what I can do.

Until next time!



  1. Absolutely not. I don’t want anyone to feel like I’m and elitist prick.


    In any case, I think that doing this is certainly more entertaining.

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