Weapon Of Choice

Check out my new weapon... weapon of choice.

Check out my new weapon... weapon of choice.

There has been mention, out on the internet, about weapons to be modelled after you.

Phaelia, from Resto4Life, has sadly closed her doors.  In her wake, however, Blizzard made an item commemorating this valuable member of the blogosphere with none other than an item: Phaelia’s Vestments of the Sprouting Seed.

Since then, the likes of Davlin at Epic Dwarven Blogger and Rilgon at SES have made their own items should Blizzard ever choose to honour them.

Well, what about me? If anyone here should be honoured, it’s myself – I mean, my team! Hehe… right guys? Right.

Fabulous Bow of Klinderas
Colemand’s Cooking Knife
Cluro’s Gun of the Boar

All of these items are grossly unbalanced.  But hey, we here at Slow Wolf are just that good, right?


/pose as a team, ’cause it just got REAL.




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