Creature Feature: Dragonhawk

This Hawk is Hawt.

This Hawk is Hawt.

Dragonhawks are probably one of the strangest creatures in the World of Warcraft, alongside Warpstalkers, Nether Rays, and Sporebats.  Their beautiful plumage and strange features make for a very interesting looking pet.

Dragonhawks were known caster pets before patch 3.0.  This meant they had weaker stats than all the other pets out there, and anyone who used them was seriously hurting themselves in the long run.  No more.  Dragonhawks have come into their own since 3.0, and are an incredibly versatile pet.

Dragonhawks are Cunning pets, meaning they have a 5% bonus to damage, hit points, and armor.  This makes them an incredibly balanced pet choice, able to do anything the master requires of it.

The focus dump skill for dragonhawks is Bite, and their unique move is Fire Breath.

Dragonhawks were sub-par before patch 3.0.  Their caster stats didn’t allow them to compete with other pets for DPS in any way.  Worse yet, their family bonuses were to armor, and that was it.  Thanks to patch 3.0, however, they are now very good pets.  They still have a very bad stigma, but it’s baseless now.

Dragonhawks have 6 skins in game, and only 4 of them are tamable.  2 of the tamable skins are also incredibly similar, which kinda limits your choices as to what kind of dragonhawk you can have.  The ones you can have, however, are very unique looking, and can only be found in certain places.

Dragonhawk diets consist of Meat, Fish, and Fruit.  This makes the Dragonhawk incredibly easy to feed, as you can find meat anywhere in Azeroth.  If you have a respectable fishing skill, you can fish for food, and if you’re still short on food you can buy fruit, fish, and meat at most inns.

Dragonhawks were originally seen in WC3: The Frozen Throne.  They were a Blood Elf/Human unit with lots of anti-air abilities.  They also had another impressive ability that rendered ground defenses in an area useless, much like Corsairs in Starcraft.  In other words, an important part of a healthy breakfast.

This seems to have carried over to WoW now, as they are a powerful, but balanced part of your breakfast.

Dragonhawks can be tamed by all hunters.

Fire Breath: Deals fire damage to the target, then deal additional fire damage over 2 seconds.

Bad news first: damage is the only thing happening here.  No slows, no stuns, just damage.

Good news: damage is useful everywhere, particularly this kind of damage.  Fire Breath deals fire damage, which makes it a magic attack.  Magic attacks cut through armor, so your Fire Breath will do the same damage it would to a plate-wearer that it would do to a clothie.

As said before, Fire Breath deals Fire damage, not just any magic damage.  Any talents or effects that affect fire damage affect Fire Breath as well, and mobs that are resistant to fire are resistant to Fire Breath, while mobs weakened by fire are weakened by Fire Breath.

Fire Breath’s damage scales with your Ranged Attack Power(RAP).  The more RAP you get, the more damage your fire-breathing friend will do!

This attack is a Damage Over Time(DOT).  This means that the damage it deals is spread out over a period of time, which is 3 seconds in this case.  This is not a bleed, however, and will not benefit from effects such as Mangle, and can be dispelled.

Fire Breath is a ranged attack, and can be cast from a distance of 20 yards.  This allows the dragonhawk to start dealing damage almost the instant you tell it to.  It can also be used on fleeing enemies without having to catch up for too long.

Fire Breath is a very effective means of dealing damage, and should not be under-estimated in any way.

Dragonhawks are a very rare animal, but can make their homes relatively anywhere, especially in PvE and Battleground environments.

For PvE, a properly talented Dragonhawk can do almost as much DPS as a ferocity pet while providing you with Roar of Recovery, which is a very useful ability for PvE.  Less time spent in AotV is more time dealing damage.  Other powerful talents, such as Wolverine Bite and Owl’s Focus, give Cunning pets a great deal of damage dealing ability.

In battlegrounds, a hunter’s job is to kill stuff dead.  Dragonhawks fill that role very well, especially since they can attack from father away than most other pets and have all those neat PvP talents to keep them alive.  Because the damage from Fire Breath is magic based, warriors and the like will take more damage than they are used to.  This will also interupt a flag-capture.

Dragonhawks aren’t a bad pet for arenas, but there are better pets out there for the job.  Since Fire Breath only does damage, it’s lacking the utility that you can get from another pet such as Chimaeras, Hyenas, or Crabs.  As a result, you should probably find another pet to do arenas with, but dragonhawks will work just fine.

Dragonhawks are very strange, but pretty creatures.  Like their dragon namesake, dragonhawks are incredibly intelligent and empathetic.  If its master is in a bad mood, the dragonhawk will likely be in a bad mood as well.

Like their other namesake, the hawk, dragonhawks have great instincts and hunting skill.  Their eyes can see incredibly far, and they move with the swiftness and power of a thunderbolt.  This already impressive creature is made incredibly powerful by its ability to breathe fire.  This fire can burn almost anything to the ground, so it’s best not to anger a dragonhawk.

These creatures are very nice to have if you’re a cook.  Not only do they taste great when roasted, and not only do their eggs make great omelettes, but they can start a fire without you having to look for flint and tinder.

In short, these are large, but edible, lighters.


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  1. Well written nice job –
    i picked up the Hawk from botanica at lvl 74 and it was tough. I got it because of the looks but, im glad to see that it will hold its own when i need it to. Cant wait till lvl 80 when its real damage kick in the lvl 79 to 80 jump in damage is something that i believe Bliz needs to address. Thank you again.

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