Rilgon And I Really Have To Work On This Meme Shield…

Goblin Engineering at its finest...

Goblin Engineering at its finest...

I think I need to take a vacation where all these memes can’t find me.

It’s been one after the other, and I think these deadly games of “tag” are having a toll on my physical well being.


In any case, I have been challenged to another game, and I never back down from a challenge! This time, it’s from somewhere new… Nassira, from Diaries of a Marksman Hunter!

Despite your lovely self being the tagger, I am afraid I will have to bludgeon your poor game over the head so hard that even you might feel it.  You have been warned.

About You –

Real Name: The moment you’ve all been waiting for… You can all call me Mr. P, though I still prefer Klin.


Country of Origin: Canada

Fetish: Well, that’s a bit forward.  /grump

Random Things –

Guilty Pleasure Music (something you’d never listen to in public): Hahahahahahahahaha! *gasp* Ahahahahaha! Do you even need to ask?

Worst Fashion Decision (I don’t care how old you were): I used to wear all orange back in Grade 8 every Friday.

Proudest Moment: When I asked Mrs. Klin for our first date, and she said yes.  That was epic.

Best Misheard Words: “You’re hard and unrelenting!” My friend was talking about something game related, but I tuned out.  Right when I decide to tune in again… *shiver* Damn you Windt!

Questions for You –

Do you sing in the shower? What self-respecting musician doesn’t?

How much frosting do you like on your cupcakes?: Enough, but not too much.  About half a centimeter.

When was the last time you made love? (Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter, Clarence Carter, OOOOH SHIT Clarence Carter!) I take back what I said earlier, this is forward. /grump

What is the coolest thing you’ve ever found hidden in or under your couch? Batman Action figure, and one of those fishing games where you have the magnetic fishing pole and the fish that bobs up and down.

What is the most disgusting thing you’ve ever put in your mouth? (be nice) An entire cooler of Strawberry vodka, when I was 12.  I was outside all day, and was so thirsty I didn’t notice the taste until I woke up 6 hours later.  Know this, kids: Alcohol and I aren’t on the best of terms.

Free-for-All, Share 4 Things You Want to Share –

1.  I am french off my mother’s side.  Oui, je sais comment parler Francais.  No, I am not paid enough to do it on the blog.

2.  I am actually aspiring to be a better cook.  I love cooking, but I haven’t done very much of it.

3.  I am a brass player, but what I really want to do is master the piano one day.  Thing is, my fingers have some form of Dyslexia and don’t like responding the way I wish they would.

4.  I am a huge space-case.  If it takes me awhile to do something, now you know why.

Well then.  That’s that, I guess.  How does it feel, to have ones meme bested by a true champion?

Ha HA! Championed.

I wish.  Damn Sons of Hodir… more Sons of… errm, boxes.  Yes, son of a box.

Ha… haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

HA! You’ve all been had! Tagged! The lot of you! All of you!

Ha HA! Surprise.



  1. I used to wear all orange back in Grade 8 every Friday.

    What’s wrong with that? o_o;

    You folks are such cheaters.

    Hey, I actually did it right 😛

  2. @Nassira

    I plead the right to privacy. 😉

    @ Rilgon

    No really, ALL orange, pants, shirt, you name it. I was a pumpkin.

  3. @Nassira
    Ha! Takes balls to not concede to the wishes of another. Right Rilgon, you stubborn blueberry?

    Hell, I wouldn’t be nearly as fabulous without at least a little mystery. It’s like revealing the face of the badguy in a horror film: ruins the scariness.

    … /facepalm

    One thing I’ve learned from being this fabulous is that it’s actually not fashionably sensible to dress in all of one colour. Unless you’re a ninja, in which case no one is going to argue.

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