Month: March 2009

It’s Not My Fault


Well, no big, expansive informative post today.

I have been busy enjoying the scenery back home… and really, I’ve been spending a lot of time with Mrs. Klin.

So, as you can see, my fabulous self… is not to blame!

Mrs. Klin is just that fabulous. 

Oh, and we’re celebrating our anniversary together today.  So, yes, I’ve been having a great day.

So, tomorrow, I will post something game related.  For now, however, I’ll leave you with this great piece music.

It’s fabulous, just like me!



A Little Act

Damnit I'm Late!

Damnit I'm Late!

No really, no time!

Just leaving you all with something I found hilarious, I thought you would too.

I’ll type something this evening.

Got to go!


Pressed For Time

hourglassMy time available for blogging this weekend is going to be… a little short, to say the least.

I apologize, but I might not be writing anything but filler posts from here until Tuesday.  I have tests, visits, papers, and other things that are occupying my time in this Earth place.

In other words, please be patient, and I guarantee there will be something of worth up soon once more.  We now return you to your scheduled blogroll.

The Prophecy Is Complete

That explains all the good news thus far.

That explains all the good news thus far.

For hunters, there is always “the Prophecy.”

The prophecy goes as follows: “When Blizzard giveth, it taketh away as well.”

So far, the majority of changes on the PTR have been good.  But it always a good idea to analyze changes as they come, undocumented or otherwise.  The changes I’ll be taking a look at are undocumented, but are startling in several ways if they come to pass.

Lets take a look.

And remember! These are undocumented as of yet, and all of these should be taken with a grain of salt.


Beast Mastery

  • Aspect of the Viper now requires a ranged weapon.
    I’m not impressed with this one.  In arena, it’s annoying enough as it is to have to regain mana using viper, especially if you’re already stuck in melee.  Now we can’t get mana in melee anymore? This is a huge deal for PvP, where being stuck in melee with AotV allowed you to at least gain some mana out of it.  Now you can’t.
    Maybe it’s not as big as I’m making it out to be, but this change could hurt arena hunters quite a bit, I think.


  • Trap Mastery now increases the duration of Frost Trap and Freezing Trap by 10% (Down from 20%), the periodic damage done by Immolation Trap, Explosive Trap, and Black Arrow by 10/20/30%, and increases the number of snakes summoned by Snake Trap by 30/60/90.
    This change solely focused on PvP.  What is it trying to do? Simple: make frost and freezing trap somewhat less desirable and making all the other traps more so.  Although, 90 snakes? Isn’t that… overkill? I suggest that everyone wait until this one gets documented.  90 snakes is a lot of snakes, to say the least.  As far as the nerf to freezing and frost trap goes, it’s not huge really.  It’s just undesirable.


  • Stampede(Rhino) no longer knockbacks the target but causes it to take  25% additional damage from bleed effects for 1 min instead.
    First you get rid of Rhino Bowling, now you get rid of the bleed effect and what’s left of the knockback and replace it with this crap? What in the Sunwell is Blizzard thinking? Hunter’s don’t own bleeds, unless they’re specced marksmen.  But you can’t get bleeds with rhinos. Why? They’re exotic.  Means if you have a rhino, no piercing shots for you.
    So what does this mean? It means that druids and rogues are going to laugh at us, and make our poor rhinos their bleed buffers.  Yay.  I’m not sure this is what I asked for when I asked for “more utility.”
  • Spore Cloud(Sporebat)’s range was increased from 5 to 6 yards.
    This is about as groundbreaking as the changes to clams.  It will break the ground I say! The world will tremble.  One.  Yard.  More. The world will burn in the spores of our new masters.

So what’s to say about these changes? PvP nerfs that annoy me.  Rhinos have been rendered completely useless, which is the opposite of useful.  Sporebats will rule the world, as their reach now extends a whole whopping 6 yards.

Boo ya.  Lets whip out the party banana, because it just got real, bizoy.


Creature Feature: Windserpent

I just hope Harrison Jones doesn't run into these.

I just hope Harrison Jones doesn't run into these.

Windserpents are mysterious, yet beautiful creatures.  Like snakes, they have long, sinewy bodies with multicoloured scales; they also have wings.

Before Patch 3.0, windserpents were a close 4th on the “pets you should have” list.  Before 3.0, this was a huge deal.  If you were in a serious guild and had a windserpent, you wouldn’t be seen as a total huntard.  That says a lot about their power before 3.0.

Like the lightning they wield, windserpents are quick, powerful, and brutal.  The changes made in patch 3.0 only augmented their power.


Windserpents are Cunning pets.  This means they are completely balanced: 5% increases to armor, hit points, and damage.  What this means is that a windserpent can potentially do anything, provided you talent them properly.

The focus dump skill for windserpents is Bite, and their unique move is Lightning Breath.

Windserpents are one of the more popular pets in World of Warcraft.  Before patch 3.0 though, a great number of them had “caster” stats.  This meant that they were worse in every respect than a pet without them.  However, this has remedied: all windserpents are perfectly fine.

Windserpents are beautiful pets, with great colouration.  They have 10 different skins, all of which are tamable.  Windserpents are truly a stunning pet thanks to the variety of colours they can have.

Windserpents eat fish, cheese, and bread.  If you level your fishing, finding food for these pets isn’t hard: otherwise, you’re going to be shelling out some cash for cheese and bread at your local inkeeper.

Windserpents are tamable by all hunters.


Lightning Breath: Does nature damage to a single enemy.

Lightning Breath is a very straightforward ability: do damage to an enemy.  While this comes as a weak point because of the lack of special effects(like a slow or a casting time reduction), that’s also Lightning Breath’s strength.  Damage is useful anywhere, and there’s no argument with that.

In addition, it’s nature damage.  This is important for a couple reasons.  First, it means that Lightning Breath bypasses armor, as it is a magic attack.  Second, it means it can be resisted by nature resistant/immune mobs.

Lightning Breath, like most other pet attacks, scales with your Attack Power.  The stronger you get, the stronger your pet gets! It’s a win-win situation.

Lastly, Lightning Breath is ranged.  Windserpents can attack form range, meaning they get a jump on DPS the instant they get within range to use it.  No need to worry: unlike pre-3.0, Lightning Breath can be cast in melee range.  Your windserpent won’t have to run out of melee in order to cast it.


Windserpents make their homes anywhere, but particularly in PvE and large-scale PvP areas(Battlegrounds, Wintergrasp, etc).

When specced properly, windserpents can put out incredible amounts of DPS in a raid.  Their balanced stats currently place them behind Ferocity pets on DPS meters, but the extra utility they bring the hunter is stellar.  Roar of Recovery allows you to regain a great deal of mana in a very small amount of time.  More time spent out of AotV is more time spent dealing damage.  In addition, Wolverine Bite is a very powerful move, and is only available to Cunning pets.

For Soloing, they have many talents that help with survivability.  One talent in particular helps keep winserpents running: Carrion Feeder.  Thanks to Carrion Feeder, cunning pets of all kinds can quickly heal and feed themselves, saving you time, money, and food.

For large-scale PvP, windserpents have many powerful talents designed to help deal lots of damage while mitigating incoming damage, such as Cornered.  In addition, some of the damage windserpents do is magical, and pierces through armor.  Paladins and Warriors can’t hide behind their plate: magic goes through it.

In Arenas though, windserpents tend to be at a disadvantage.  It’s not that they’re bad.  It’s only that Lightning Breath has no additional effects(like slows and stuns, for instance) which are almost necessary in an arena environment.  As a result, windserpents don’t like arenas very much.


These creatures are beautiful, and elegant.  Like the lightning they wield, windserpents are fast, powerful, and without mercy.

When friendly to you, windserpents are almost like another person.  They are incredibly intelligent, and one wonders if they are, in fact, smarter than some humanoids.  They’re certainly smarter than kobolds.

They have long teeth, but unlike their serpentine brethren, they are not venemous.  Not that that’s the dangerous part: they spew lightning from their mouths!

If you see an unfriendly windserpent, make sure to keep your distance unless you know what you are doing.  They are a deadly as they are beautiful… but when befriended, they make for loyal, intelligent, and often very rewarding comerades.


Use a stick, and pierce the wings.  Slowly woast the wings over a fire, glazing them with sauce.  Use a brush while glazing, as you don’t want the sauce to pool up in some areas and not be found in others.  Make sure you don’t overcook it, or you’ll be eating leather.

Because of their inherent energy, windserpents have a very strong, bitter-sweet taste.  Best to use a sweet or sour sauce to glaze the wings with.

Serve wings with cheesed nachos, and you’re golden.

Moviewatch: Bad Time To Fart

This is a terrible thing.

This is a terrible thing.

War is a terrible thing.

In the World of Warcraft, we fight a war every time take a step.  Against the Alliance, the Scourge, The Horde, the Legion… there are so many side.  One thing remains the same: War sucks.

However, despite casualties, there are gems, diamonds in the rough.  People that show great skill and bravery and fight for what they believe.

… and there are others who just ruin it for everyone.

Ladies and gents, this…

… is a very bad time to fart.

This might be a good reason not to be a gassy hunter, while we’re on the topic.  It completely ruins the point of Feign Death.

Just a thought.

I Knew It! Crap! I Knew It!




Would anyone care to take a guess as to why? Anyone?

Here, read this then.

You’re back? Good.

I wrote a post about this a while back.  People should pay me.  Mrs. Cleo, get outta my way, Klinderas is here.

Hello, this is Mr. Klin.  I tell the future.  Especially pertaining to Blizzard and their complete lack of follow-through ability on a problem.

See, every hunter around the globe has heard that there will be ammo changes.  Everyone was hoping something would be done.  Well, almost everyone.

In any case, the large majority of hunters were sick of paying exorbitant amounts of money for consumable ammunition.  Then, hark, the Ghostcrabs sing.

It will be gone.

They lied though, and it’s not gone yet.  They, quite literally, did nothing.  That was my analysis, anyway.  And this WoWInsider article proves it.  We can stack to 1000 arrows!.. great.  We still have to pay for them 200 at a time.  They cost the exact same amount they did before, except there’s MORE of them at a time.  Which does nothing, really.

You want a cop-out? This is it ladies and gentlemen.  Hunters will still be paying an arm and a leg to get ammo, just more of it.  Quivers are now glorified bags, seeing as the only thing Blizzard did change was the quiver haste.


Honestly, I am not surprised, but this was a complete failure on Blizzard’s part.  They said they’d fix the problem.  What they did was… make it look different, but the exact same problem is still there!

This make me a very unhappy wolf.


I can only hope that Blizzard doesn’t pull this crap come next patch.  At least make it so you can buy arrows in packs of 1000 for the same amount as before.  That would fix this problem quickly.

Can you do that much, Blizzard? Or am I going to have to start taking these expensive arrows and shoving them up your expensive buttocks?

Who Pushed Fast Forward!?

x128.  At least.

x128. At least.

Well, the momentous occasion has happened:

I hit 10 000 views today, in probably the craziest manner possible.  I woke up this morning, wrote a post, and proceeded to class.  Got back from classes, checked on the blog.  Everything was good… until 3 seconds later when the number of visits that day went from 92 to 234.

WoWInsider, you are now at fault for being… almost half of my total views.  Don’t believe me? Here’s my evidence!

It's over 4000!

It's over 4000!

Needless to say, big jump.

I also held a small party to celebrate my 10 000 views! Once again, I used the screenshot contest.  This time, we had entries!

I decided to do the 3 closest entries, seeing as the number counter was having an aneurysm and not updating properly.

I’d like to congratulate Faulsey(who also hit 10 000 views today!), Anea, and Lus on their entries! They won a drawing from me to them of their characters.  I will likely post them, so long as I have permission.  But out of the three, Faulsey won the hardest…


10 000 on the button.  The man is filled with luck.

Once again, congratulations you three!

On an ending note for this post, thank you to everyone for reading this blog, and I hope you continue to find me entertaining and informative.

The next party, for which I better have some preparation time(WoWInsider, I’m looking at you…) should be legendary.  Just 90 000 more to go!

Almost There

dingIt seems like such a short time ago when I started blogging…

Actually, it has been a short time.  Only since December, actually.  I hit 1000 views in January, and I held a small party to celebrate.

Well, the crowd is obviously bigger, and it’s almost time for the next party.


I’m almost at 10, 000 views! This is huge news, for me at least.

As a way to celebrate, I’m going to hold another contest! It’s the same as last time.  Take a screenshot of my views at exactly 10, 000 and I will draw your character, plus any pets he/she has! If none of them are exactly 10, 000, I will do the closest to 10, 000.

To send the screenshot of my views, send it to me by e-mail.  For the information, just see the “Contact me!” page at the top.

Once I’ve determined the winner(s) I will tell those people how to get their characters drawn!

In any case, thanks for reading!

We Have Guests!

My, there are a LOT of you, aren't there?

My, there are a LOT of you, aren't there?

Colemand! Colemand! Wake up! We have guests!

What do you mean, “it’s not clean enough?” Too bad! They’re here anyway?

Who? WoWInsider!

No, you’re not allowed to eat them.

For the last time, we fired the damn maid! It doesn’t matter! They’re here!


Hello everyone, and thanks for stopping by! You’re mostly all here from WoWInsider, yes? Well, that’s spectacular! Welcome to Slow Wolf! I’m Klinderas, you can call me Klin, and I write the blog.  If you have any questions, be sure to send any to me by e-mail or comments.  You can find out where to e-mail me at the “Contact me!” page at the top, under the banner.

If you’re looking for more guides, Creature Features in particular, you can find them under the “Guides” page.  Not hard for anyone, I’d imagine.

In any case, make yourselves at home! Enjoy the scenery, and when you’re finished, be sure to make a note on how to get back here.  We have plenty of things to talk about here.