Name Change

... Please.

... Please. *pewpew* Now you're John Dead!

Well, I’ve been looking at the site, and I decided.

It’s time.

I need to change the name.  Slow Wolf just wasn’t catchy enough, and there are enough blogs with wolves anyway.

I’m going to make a name based on one of my pets, so lets get rolling.

Radix: Big Red Ki… wait a minute.  That’s a total no go.

Link: Sorry bucko, you had your chance.
Don’t give me that look!

Lucas: Unbearable, or Bearing Down? I could see that…

Fafnir: Furry Two Headed Dragon? Lightning and Ice? Naw, too long and too complicated.

Jormungandr: Gigantic Purple Worm.

I think I am in love.

Everyone! Welcome to the very first post of…

Gigantic Purple Worm!
Oh, and Merry April Fools Day everyone!




  1. D:

    Now I have to change the name in my links section.

    Name changes – they suck
    They require me to do work
    Oh, tag, you are it.

    (Anea tagged you for Haiku meme, and I am tagging you in Haiku :3)

  2. Great new name! I love it! Plus its a tenacity pet, which im partial to. GOOOOOO TENACITY PETS. They actually came out with a new tenacity pet.

    On a serious note, you should keep that worm. Acid spit in 3.1 is better than sunder armor, unless the warrior is the tank.

  3. @Oriniwen
    I apologize, but I got Eggbert last Children’s Week, and Willy was next on the list.

    RE: The Name
    I wouldn’t bother 😉
    RE: The Haiku
    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Damn this glitched Meme shield!
    ~Working as intended~
    Screw you Blizzard!

    I’ve read on your end about worms, and I’m looking forward to Jormungandr being an off-tank when I need it.

  4. I’ll admit it – the northrend worms are the only exotic pets that even remotely interest me.

    Well, them and core hounds. :3

    But yeah, if I was BM, I’d definitely have a worm post-3.1 for Thundertailslap.

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