Death By Haiku

I know, wrong dude, but close enough.

This is the wrong man. | I know. Stop badgering me! | Your end will be nigh.

Haikus are poems
So what are they doing here?
Tag is eternal

He who tagged: Faulsey
Why? That’s anyone’s guess now.
Tigerfeet did too.

My memory: bad.
Sorry if I forgot one
I am terrible.

Your meme will be beat
So hard, that you will feel pain

Haikus Related
To my class in game, they must.
Yoda is awesome

I am murdering art
For the sake of a meme. Wow
How the mighty fall.

Hunters: Raw power!
Death from afar, but silent
We travel in packs.

Death and Destruction,
Knights of Frost, Blood, and the Grave.
Sign up for “minion”!

Today has limits.
My Haikus are kinda lame.
The end is coming.

I will tag you all
As is the usual way.
You have all been had.

One last thing to say.
Faulsey, you did this to me.
Drop on knees, cry “FAUUUULS!!”


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