To All The Blogs I’ve Loved Before

I see what you did thar!

I see what you did thar!

We here at Slow Wolf haven’t updated our sidebar in some time.

So today, we’re going to do a mass addition to our blogroll!

When Enraged: Jezriyah is a troll huntress.  But after hearing what she’d do for a trinket, a thought it best to put her on the sidebar, lest she rip off my head.

Brigwyn: The Hunting Lodge is a well known blog, and Brigwyn is a very proficient hunter.  He’s also incredibly hardcore.  Once he gets bored with his hunter, at level 80, with all the gear… D-E-L-E-T-E.  He starts from scratch.  This is a Chuck Norris level of bad-assery.

Sargeras: I’ve been visiting a certain Dark Titan.  Although he comes across as very “I WILL DESTROY ALL T3H W0RLDZ!”, Sargeras is actually a well spoken and intelligent villain with a sense of art.  Plus, his coffee is amazing.


Zhire: This new blogger is litterally brand spanking new.  She sent me an e-mail asking whether or not I could be added to her blogroll.  Not that she needed to ask, but this was a serious brownie point booster.  I want everyone to go and visit her site and be nice please! Don’t break anything!

T.J: Temerity Jane is a veteran blogger, but I have only started to read TJ recently.  So far, all I have been doing while reading is laughing, and I can safely say that this blog is amazing.  And funny.  Did I mention hilarious?

Pixelated Executioner: I learned an important lesson at an early age: do not argue with someone who has a sword twice the size of your body.  Also, let them win.  Like wookies! Pix is one of those people you let win.  Plus, the blog is very good, and deserves reading!

In any case, welcome to the pack, and beware Colemand.  He has a habit of eating things he really, really shouldn’t.


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    Also, the picture is great….silly rodent…of some sort.

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