WTB 1 Stargate, PST

Isn't it pretty?

Isn't it pretty?

Ulduar.  The name of the new instance has been flying around like so many sparrows.  People want in on this brand new instance, people want lewt, people want this and that…

But what about me? Why am I constantly crying about wanting to getting in?

That is a simple answer.  In 10 steps.

1.  It’s new.  I’ve been reading about everything else to a point where I feel like I’ve done it.  It’s driving me nuts.  I want to do something new too!

2.  The music is awesome.  From the teaser anyway.  It’s… hard to describe, really, but it sounds like machines, marching.  Just marching, millions of machines… all backed up by something sinister in the back.  It’s well composed, and I really, really think this might be my new Karazhan.

3.  I can drive a hog without having to pay, or get catapultededed! Flame Leviathan sounds like fun.

4.  It looks stunning.

5.  It looks almost like it’s from Stargate.

6.  If there is a Stargate, I want to play golf with it.

7.  I’m also totally a part of SG-1 if we start to use that thing.  Argue with my gun if you don’t like it.

8.  If there’s no Stargate, I think I will just learn to live with it.

9.  Actually, scratch that, I’d rather force the titans to make one.

10.  Or find Atlantis.  They have one… right?

Can you tell I think this place looks like someplace from Stargate? Or that I really like Stargate?




  1. So… -cough- I have no idea what you’re talking about with Stargate (just the little blurb from linking over) so I can’t enjoy the AMGSTARGATE!!!11! but “flying around like so many sparrows.” = ❤

    The golf episode was my favorite.
    Thought I’d share.
    Now I think I’m wanting to go into Starga-err…Ulduar.
    Oh, and I’m totally an RL archaeologist…so I’ll be the plucky funny one who’s nose is always in the books if you are looking to make a team.

  3. Sick, I’m the fabulous leader, of course. We can get Rilgon to be the scientist, and…

    We’ll find someone else. Probably big, scary, but gentle. Like a Tauren.

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