Under The Gun: Scatter Shot

WARNING: May not work as shown.

WARNING: May not work as shown.

Welcome to Under the Gun! This is where I dissect a hunter talent or ability, giving you pointers and ideas to help you know how and when to use said talent/ability.

Today, we’re going to take a look at a talent which is also an ability once learned.  What this means is that once you use a talent point to learn this ability, you actually have to put this ability on your action bar for it to be useful.  These types of abilities normally only cost one talent point to learn the Rank 1 version of the spell.  If there are additional ranks to the spell, you can learn them at you local hunter class trainer.

Now, let’s get started, shall we?


What is it?
Scatter shot is an activated ability, much like Arcane Shot.  You must use a talent point to learn how to do Scatter Shot, there’s no two ways about it.  Happily, that’s all it takes: 1 talent point.  It only has one rank.

It’s near the top of the Survival tree, on the 3rd tier, second from the left.  In order to talent it, you must have spent at least 10 points in the Survival tree.  There are no prerequisite talents for Scatter Shot, making it incredibly easy to obtain for anybody who wants it.

Scatter Shot is an ability that, when used, deals 50% weapon damage and disorients the target for 4 seconds.  It turns off your auto-attack as well.  It can only be used from 15 yards away or less, making it a close range shot.  It has a 30 second cooldown, and is an instant cast spell.

Simple Math
There’s not a lot of math to be had with this one.  Scatter Shot deals 50% weapon damage.

For my fabulous self, my weapons does 746-919 damage per shot, before applying Aspect of the Dragonhawk and other such buffs.  From here, the math is incredibly simple.

Carry the one…

Scatter Shot will deal only 373-459.5, and that’s before armor reduction.  The damage Scatter Shot deals is physical, so the already incredibly small amount of damage it deals only gets smaller.

If I was shooting myself in the foot, I have about 33.7% damage reduction with my wicked awesome level 70 gear.  So, let’s do more maths!

Drop the six…

Scatter shot would only deal about 247-328.5 damage to me.  This is hardly a scratch to my 13 181 HP, so this makes one thing clear: Scatter Shot is NOT used for damage.

PvE Applications
For PvE, Scatter Shot has very limited uses.  As we have proved earlier, Scatter Shot does very little damage, so it’s not going to be used in a shot priority.  It can only be used from up to 15 yards away unless talented and glyphed, so you have to be close to the action to use it.  Lastly, it turns off your auto-attack, which interrupts your damage even more.

So how can you use it in PvE? Well, there’s one reason for taking this talent: stalling for time.  If there’s a runaway mob(which, let’s be honest, there aren’t a lot of them nowadays) and it’s headed towards you or the healer, then Scatter Shot allows you to stop the mob for a couple of seconds while you stick a Freezing Trap under it.  That’s about it though, and since Crowd Control(CC) is hardly used in PvE nowadays, you aren’t going to be finding a lot of situations where Scatter Shot will be useful.

Not at all recommended for PvE

PvP Applications
This is where Scatter Shot Shines.  In PvP, everyone is uppity about getting in your grill so you can’t shoot them anymore.  Scatter Shot is your “STOP” button in these situations.  That Warrior not letting you get away? Bam, you got 4 seconds to do what you need.  Death Knight just yoinked you? Bam, 4 seconds.  Druid doesn’t want to be snared? Bam, you got 4 seconds.

This is probably one of the best panic buttons a Hunter has in their arsenal, and it isn’t weird like some other abilities I could mention.  *cough**cough*Disengage*cough**cough*

In addition, Scatter Shot can be used to interrupt a spell from being cast.  Is that paladin about to cast a heal? Bam, now he isn’t.  It’s like a poor man’s version of Silencing Shot.

Just a note though: any damage dealt to the target will dispel the 4 second disorientation effect.  So make sure you don’t have a Serpent Sting or anything else ticking on the target, or you Bam button will be short lived.

VERY Recommended for PvP

Soloing Applications
For Soloing, Scatter Shot has the same uses as they did for PvP; it’s going to be your “STOP” button in a sticky situation.

This is useful, but for Soloing, not necessary in the least.  Normally, your pet should be taking the hits, and if the baddies are after you, you should be able to get your pet to take the aggro again quickly.

The only time I can see this being needed for Soloing is if you are levelling as a Survivalist.  In that case, take Scatter Shot, as there is hardly anything better to pick for soloing.

Whatever floats your boat for Soloing.

Scatter Shot is very much a PvP talent, and not much else.  It is useful in Soloing, but not anywhere near a “must have” talent.  But for PvP, oh man, this talent can save your tush more times than you would care to count.  It’s another shot in an already impressive arsenal of shots that hunters can use to kite and control opponents, and this is crucial in PvP.

For PvE, this talent is useless.  Not a great many groups need CC anymore, and that’s all Scatter Shot is able to do.  Even then, it is only 4 seconds.  That’s only long enough to grab a cookie and stuff it in your mouth, and that’s not nearly long enough to be very useful.

Scatter Shot is for PvP, and that’s that.  It is useful in Soloing but nowhere in the realm of needed, and damn near useless in PvE.  This makes your choice incredibly easy.

And that concludes this installment of Under the Gun! Hopefully you are no longer scattered about taking Scatter Shot, and that you know how and when to use it.