The Morning News

Goooood morning everyone.

Goooood morning everyone.

Good morning everyone.

Just a quick post before the real juice later today.(EDIT:Later Tonight!)

First, today already is looking terrible.  We have snow.  in.  APRIL.
I would rage, but I am too sophistimakated for that, with a K.  Ha! K.  Klinderas.  You see that? Man, I am so witty sometimes… I astound even myself.

Second, we have changed our contact information! You can now contact us here!
imageWe now have a spiffy G-mail for the site.  Woo!

Today, a little human boy was found somewhere near the Undercity.  When people asked why he left, he said it was because he got really lost.  From Elwynn Forest.

True story, humans can be really stupid.

In other news, a mid-level man attempted to rob a gun vendor with 7 patrons attending, and 2-3 guards outside the store.  The man is now currently attempting a corpse run, but they’ve hidden the body.  Good luck.

And now, for the Weather! How’s the weather, Colemand?


Well, yeah, but how is it snowing?


Thanks Colemand.

Now, we would have a guest on today’s show, but the Old God of death himself, Yogg-Saron, is still not available.  We wouldn’t expect him to pop up for weeks, though.

Well, that’s all for today’s Breakfast Morning News.  I’m you host, Klinderas! Good bye, and have a great day!

*cue outro music*

CLURO! You’re not supposed to put that up there!  It means to actually play it!

… /facepalm

Forget it.



  1. ROFL “Blackuweather” report was awesome. “ITS COLD! REALLY COLD!” Sometimes Family Guy is ridiculously funny…and then there are those other times.

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