Dan Has A Blog!

Not to worry, Brain is MUCH bigger than that.

Not to worry, Brain is MUCH bigger than that.

This is just a quick post to herald a new age.

BRK might be gone, but the man behind the character is back.

Brain Needed Space is a blog authored by a man named Daniel Howell, a legend of the WoW blogosphere.  This new blog, quoth the Dan: “…is not a Warcraft-blog. We may mention WoW, but that’s not the thrust here. This is about everything in my life that’s important: God, family, love, writing, and being a loud-mouthed shook.”

Dan, you’re a big man, and this is another great chapter in you’re life.

Plus, I was missing Brain, and I really wanted him back.

Welcome to the pack Dan!

To everyone who hasn’t visited… go and visit! It’s Dan! Be nice, ask before you open the fridge, and don’t break anything.



  1. I’m totally psyched about this, I’ve been trying to maintain my own personal blog (I’ve had it much longer than EDB) and its good to see some just plain ole “human” posts. Plus I’ve always been a fan of the Airman Howell stories.

  2. Thanks for the PSA. I had no idea Airman Howell was writing (riding) again. Much appreciated. And of course he naturally starts off (after the obligatory welcome, of course) with an Airman Howell story. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got me an Airman Howell story to read 😉

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