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Not Seen: Dead Target

Not Seen: Dead Target

I live on a PvP server.

None of this “flagged” stuff, or any of this “I don’t wanna” attitude.

PvP server means anywhere you go there might be some jerk-wad lying in wait, ready to kick your can.  But you know what else this creates?


Allow me to show you what I mean.

Is that annoying Alliance member taking your quest mobs?  Pewpew, he’s outta the way.  Is someone picking on someone else? Pewpew, they’re doing a corpse run.  Just want to liven up your Questing? Pewpew, instant PvP.

It’s a scary and sometimes thrilling experience to see a member of the opposite faction pass you by, and you wait there seeing what they’ll do: attack, or no? Normally you shouldn’t be waiting, you should be killing! But this is a civilized conversation here.

Being on a PvP server, there’s no way you’re getting away without having to have to kill someone for the sake of convenience, and I am here to give you a few tips on how to… “deal” with people on a PvP server.

1.  Always Have A Reason
This is important, like knowing where your towel is important.  You might want to have a reason before you go charging in there, although said reason is up to your discretion.  But the best reasons are usually the simplest: He’s taking your quest mobs, he attacked you first, he’s in your way, he’s attacking someone else, that lowbie took your nodes, someone killed the bunny you were about to /love, you’re bored… the list goes on.

But MAKE SURE you have a reason, that way you can always just say that you had a reason.  And you won’t be lying! Take that, lie detector!

2.  Lose The Morals And Sense Of Honour
Honour? Let me guess what you think it is: fighting a fair fight, giving your opponent the chance to rise to the occasion so he can fight you on even ground.  Am I close?

If you’re anywhere near that definition, it’s wrong.  Honour is a currency, not a way to fight! When you’re going to kill someone, that’s the goal.  Fighting fair, on even terrain and all that jazz, is for lousy kings and theatre actors, not soldiers.  When you’re fighting your opponent, you want him knee-deep in mud and on all fours at the bottom of the hill with his eyes blinded by fog and blood, his weapon broken and scattered, and his back to your fabulous self.

Besides, who’s really more honourable at the end of the day? The man who comes home to his family or the one left dying on the battlefield?

So, toss those morals out the window, and know this: You want to fight your opponent when he’s distracted fighting other mobs or players, at mid-low health, and his cooldowns blown, at least.

3.  You Either Get The Honour Or You Get A Corpse Run
Really, this is what it boils down to.  If you have a suspicion, kick them in the face.  You can’t be too careful on a PvP server, ’cause someone else without the sense of morals is going to kill you for the fun of it, and you might as well kill them first.

Anything else is personal preference!

And remember: their life might be in their hands, but you can force them to play trump and lose.  Make sure they lose, or you’re going to pay the price!



  1. I’m just glad we’re in the same faction. I’ve mentioned this on Twitter before, but my experience with battlegrounds and Halaa has taught me that I PvP like I fly: lots of flailing around followed by a dirt nap.

    If so many of the Twitterati weren’t rerolling on Kil’jaeden I probably would be avoiding PvP servers like the plague.

  2. “…like knowing where your towel is important.”

    Very nice. Hadn’t heard that one before. I HATE not getting out of the shower and NO TOWEL.

    I’ve grown up on a PVE and wish that I’d had the nads to start the game on a PVP server. Some of the coolest images I remember from leveling were when I ventured unkowingly into auto-flag areas and got ganked, or accidentally targeted and attacked a flagged horde who was questing. It kind of brings a certain realism to the game. However, I had few of these experiences, and if I was dealing with them constantly I can see it would get old.

  3. We’ve had this discussion on twitter, but you bring up a valid point.

    I guess this means I need to re-think my PVP, ‘specially when the DK is outnumbered, but winning.


  4. My favorite new post written by you so far. I’m on a PVP server as well. In Borean Tundra I was encountering members me the opposite faction frequently. I kept ignoring them but then they would get the first hit and I would be going on a copse run. FOR THE ALLIANCE! Sorry I’m a dwarf.

  5. Awesome post, I’ve played on a pvp server for most of my time with WoW, and it can be very exhilarating, and/or (but usually “and” and not “or” lol) very very annoying; but that’s why I love hunters, because if you know what you’re doing you can kill 80’s even if you’re in the lower 70’s. 🙂

  6. I’m glad you did post on this … there were many tweets surrounding this subject.

    I can totally identify with #2. I had them when I leveled my first 70 on a PvP server, but lost them while leveling my 2nd one. 😉

    And.. yep… “don’t forget to bring a towel~” >.>

  7. @Chris
    Hey, it’s for some people and it’s not for others. Personally, I love it, but that’s ’cause I like the convenience of getting my quest mobs whether the Alliance likes it or not.


    …my experience with battlegrounds and Halaa has taught me that I PvP like I fly: lots of flailing around followed by a dirt nap.

    This was one of the best things I’ve read all day. Thing is, you get better at something the longer you work with it. PvP is no different.

    Hey, you know it. 😉

    Glad ya think so. 😀

    Hey, you had a reason, therefore you’re doing it right. Besides, being a DK puts them at enough of a disadvantage that rule 2 applies as well.

    Well, I’m glad you liked it!.. now if only I knew why it was so good, I’d work with it…

    Hence why we rock. O- – – pew pew X

    You learn well, grasshopper. /bow

  8. I’ve played on nothing BUT PvP servers, and I hate every minute of it. I’m too NICE for PvP…then I’m usually the one eating dirt and watching some 12-year old shmuck camp me for the next ten minutes.
    Thing is…
    When you DO get a gank…a nice, solid kill…it’s like a drug. XD I know that sounds creepy, but it really does feel good when you get someone. It’s all like “BOO YAH, GRANDMA!”
    As I said, not at all a fan of PvP, but I love where I am, and I love my guild, so I’ll take the risks associated with it. As Kissless says “Being on a PvP server keeps you on your toes. ” =)

  9. @Cadychan
    That it does. It also taught me something else valuable:

    No one cares about what you’re doing; if you’re in their way, they’ll stomp you flat if need be to get where they’re going.

  10. I had max-level Toons on PvE, loved BG PvP, and even engaged in real world PvP. Those Tarren Mill vs Southshore grudge matches of yesteryear? I was there, all the way from 20s to 60. “Horde are attacking Southshore!” I am THERE!!! But I never got any PvP Toons out of their 20s. My first time on a PvP server I ventured into Redridge and was crossing the bridge into Lakeshore when Bam! I was dead. Just like that, and just that quick. WTF? So I checked the Combat Log and saw:

    Stabby’s Ambush Crits you for 1,234 points. (or some ridiculous number)
    You are dead.

    Yeah, no shit. That’s like 4 times my health right there.

    It was a shock being killed like that, in an area where I’d always felt warm and safe, but then that was on PvE servers. It was a good wake-up call/reminder that I needed to be on my toes all the time now, even when I thought I was home free, because being in a Contested Area means a Rogue could be stalking you right this very moment, just like the old Chuck Norris joke. If you see a Rogue, he can see you; if you don’t see a Rogue, you’re probably seconds away from death.

    I will admit that the day I saw “The Stonefield Farm is under attack!” I got goosebumps. I’d been killing Wolves in Duskwood on my 30s Rogue and had just swam across the River to head for Stormwind so I was already right there. I popped Stealth and to the Stonefield Farm I went, and what did I find there? Just a low teens Hunter shooting the Stonefield Farm NPCs. Just like Stabby had done to me, the Horde Hunter died before he knew I was there. I got no honor from the kill but that wasn’t the point. You don’t just come onto someone’s turf and start killing their farmers and not expect reprisal. I killed him, then continued on to Stormwind. I might have got a kick out of the Gank, but I didn’t need to hang around and corpse camp the lowbie like an ass.

    And in the end, that’s what drove me away from PvP servers; the asses who not only gank you, but corpse camp you until you give up and log on another Toon. You can’t out-wait some folks because they’re not just sitting their waiting for you to Rez so they can kill you again, they’re chatting with their Guildies, laughing about the Noob they’re camping, and just killing time with their nearby Guildie on his lowbie Alt while he kills his Mobs, completes his quests, etc. That’s why he was there, to protect his buddy (& drive away competition) while he does his thing, and if you didn’t have a high level buddy of your own to do the same, you were screwed.

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