Bare-Back Hunting

You thought I was Bare-back? Don't be ridiculous!

You thought I was Bare-back? Don't be ridiculous!

Yesterday, I recieved an e-mail.  From someone I didn’t know.

I should get more of those, by the way.  *glare*

I read this e-mail, and I begin to laugh.

The idea itself? Ridiculous! The concept of it sent me reeling.

And then I realized he was talking about himself, so I calmed down.

This man is going to attempt to level from 1-80 without any clothing.  Except his underpants, but those are kinda necessary to not scar people for the rest of their visible lifetime.

Roberto was very kind, and asked that I link him.  The only reason I didn’t immediately was to see his writing style a little bit, and to see where he was going with this.  Now that I’ve seen a few posts, I’m entertained and amused.  Plus, he totally gave me props, which deserves brownies or linkage, and since I’m out of brownies, he gets linkage.

Welcome to the sidebar, Roberto, and good luck!

And dare I say that you watch out man, as your… most important features will be a lot easier to damage…

Like your face, for instance.



  1. Thanks for this. Just a heads up to the origional idea to this I won’t be using any rings, head pieces or neck items and will just be using a bow.

    There has however been hunters whos just done melee 1-70 also so I don’t deserve any credit here, just decided to open up a blog for it to do in my spare time.

    Thanks again, and great blog. Keep it up!

  2. @Roberto
    No problem dude! This looks like all kinds of funny, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out.

    Thanks Gun! Gogo screenshot+Paint. 😛

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