I’m Done!


Replace "paper" with "exams".

With the finish comes the regular normal awesome blog posts, starting tomorrow! Make sure to check in as I will be writing 2 creature features and an Under the Gun post over the next couple of days, along with the usual stuff.


While we’re celebrating, I think I’d like to announce something.

I have a secret project! Hopefully, I can get it going in the next couple of weeks.  But knowing me, no matter how long it takes, it’s going to be fabulous!



  1. /grats!

    I remember the first time I thought I would be graduating, and then a week before I did they told me of another 6 credits I needed to finish my second major….grrr….a whole semester later I ran out the door, didn’t even walk, had the diploma mailed to me.

    @Negathle /grats to finishing up!

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