Howl! The Super Secret Project Podcast!

Mwahahaha... OW! My throat.

Mwahahaha... OW! My throat.

Well, it’s done.

Super Secret Project is done…

I now have a podcast.


But man does my throat hurt.  I really, REALLY need a glass of warm milk.

The podcast, in advance, is about pet equality.  I went on a bit of a rant, but it was still fun and I hope you all enjoy it!

Howl! Episode 1: Pet Equality

P.S: Any criticism or tips are MUCH appreciated.

P.P.S: Unless you have an account on, it’s easier to just listen to this on iTunes.



  1. A great first start! Much better than my own first podcast, which I will not give the name of lest you find it out on the interwebs.

    As someone who almost exclusively uses a bear pet I dread a day where all stats are the same, as Sherman’s (good name for a tank pet, eh?) massive amount of hit points are what have kept me and my companions alive in most of the instances I’ve run him through.

  2. Sweet!
    I’ll say! I do love *anything* to do with pets in any shape or form!
    Good job! 😀

  3. First – Great start!

    Second – get rid of the celtic music. Please stay away. I know you don’t want to be BRK 2.0, well, he played a dwarf and the celtic thing made perfect sense. YOU, however, play a Blood Elf, and horde to boot. We don’t do celtic, we do drums and low breathy tribal flutes and lots and lots of various percussion.

    Third – Smile when you talk 🙂 No really! people will be able to hear you smiling. Imagine you’re also videoing yourself while you record and the sound will improve. Similar for theater, a good director will know that if she just listens to the performance, if the sound isn’t right it won’t LOOK right. So vise versa if you try to make sure it looks right the sound will improve too! (I did a lot of voice acting in college too, the best stuff always came when accompanied by body acting… no talking heads!)

    Rambling aside, I do think it’s a great start, WTB moar tallstriders. Floyd would be proud.

  4. @Splat
    Thanks! And I certainly feel the same way, in some cases. But having the ability to almost do raid viable DPS with my worm makes me giggle inside.

    So do I! They’re nice and furry, or at least good at tearing my opponents throat out!
    Did you know worms are hugable?

    Thanks for the advice! I’ll make sure that I record at a tauren tavern instead of Booty Bay next time. 😛

    I’ll try the smiling. My roommate is an actor, and the silliest things he tells me often make a lot of difference. Although it’s hard when your stomach initially fells like it’s going to blow up, and then it’s your throat that puts reality back in. Stupid reality, why must you mock me so?

  5. I’ve said it before on this very blog, but goddamnit I think Warp Stalkers are going to be totally awesome! Warp doesn’t need to do something else – it does three things already.

    1. Helps quickly reach the enemy.
    2. It does the whole 50% dodge chance on the next three attacks.
    3. Of course, you can only dodge from the front – and warp does that for you! If your stalker casts it again mid combat, pop, and suddenly, everyone’s in front of them, missing away.

    I don’t think Warp Stalkers need help – I think people need help to see how nice warp stalkers are. They’re such an unconventional pet that I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people didn’t even know you could tame them!

    In any case, that was a good start! I enjoyed it. I do have on little criticism: Your voice isn’t fruity enough for a fabulous person. -laughs-

  6. Sigh. As is my custom on this blog, I made errors.

    Warp does your -positioning- for you, is what I meant to say.

  7. Agreed, and I think I said that much in my creature feature. I was, at that point, in rant mode. Not happening next time, I assure you!

    I also assure you that I AM indeed fabulous, but you shoudl attempt being spiffy when you’re dehydrated. 😀

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