Wrath Of Windpaw II: The Windpaw Strikes Again!


Strikes like a hurricaaaaaane!

A quick shout out to someone who I believe deserves all my brownies.

All.  The.  BROWNIES.  That’s a lot of brownies!.. or would be, if I could bake.

Windpaw, you sneaky devil, you wrote about me again! This time, you submitted it to Blizzard for the writing contest, too!

I want everyone to go to shock and paw and read this amazingly well written, ego boosting, and overall extremely well done piece of literature.

Because anything that features me will have enough class to be called literature.

For those wanting to know, the story Coward Delivery is about a tauren shamaness who is instructed to bring a coward from a Horde penitentiary to the Alliance.  Along the way, stuff hits the fan, I save the day, and we all learn that gnomes really aren’t that bad.

Gnome rogues are exempt from this rule.  You still can all go run into an Explosive Trap.  Except Samuel.  He’s cool.

At the end, 2 other much more important bloggers make appearances too! Windpaw, in short, animated the blogosphere.

So GO! Read it, say hi, be nice to her wolf, and wish her the best of luck in that writing contest! My ego orders you!


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