Quick Update

No really!

No really!

It’s becoming busy around here again, folks.  But not to worry, god ol’ Klin still has time to do the fun stuff.

I’ll have an Under the Gun post up by tonight, and by tonight I mean that murky time  really late at night where people become snarky and say “no, it’s morning!”.

Plus, another super-secret project is under way! Although it’s not secret, the podcast is still super.  Or that’s how it looks like on paper, anyway.  I need to actually begin to get the guts to record the damn thing.

Naturally, everyone knows that Patch 3.1 is upon us.  Signs detailing “Happy Marksmas BIZNATCH!” or “We got Black Arrow, GNA GNA!” are flying all over the place.  What did the Beastmasters get?

“Look! Our tier one talent is flashier!”

/wave small flag with emblems on it, making a lonely flappy noises in a large room

In other news, it seems like wolves are the bees knees now, and although I’m really happy about it, I’m also kind of sad again.  Damn you, balance! But it looks like wolves are a non-beastmaster’s best friend at this point.  So go tame one, and learn why it’s so useful right here.  If you want to know how to talent you furry friends, I have some ideas right here.

Oh, and watch out for those humans.  If Varian is any indication, they still hate anything not pinklike with a passion, and anything pink-like that was prosecuted by some knave by the name of Garithos

But we just call him Gary.

So while all of you fortunate people have downloaded patch 3.1 in all it’s spiffiness, I have to wait another 5 days.


Alright.  That’s all for now, keep your hands inside the vehicle, ’cause 3.1 is going to be one wild wride in which they’ll tell you to keep all limbs and body bits inside the vehicle at all times.  Either that or you might get catapulted.

You never know in this crazy world.



  1. @Willel
    Compared to a year with 2 weeks total play time? Not really.

    I know that, but I have heard that Chimaeras will be pretty hawt too. That and the Size of Devilsaurs bugs me.

  2. Devilsaurs? How do spirit beasts rate, then? I thought once the spirit strike DoT 7 second timing issue..thingy … got fixed, then they were right up there. I guess I’d better spec Peaches (my devilsaur) when I get home.

  3. @Repgrind
    Spirit Beasts will still do a tremendous amount of damage, and their attack was indeed fixed sometime in January. It’s simply a matter that a Devilsaur’s Monstrous Bite scales really well with raid buffs.

    The problem is that they grow to such a hug size that it’s hard to actually click the thing they’re attacking.

  4. In 5 days – the lag should go away and the WAVES of folks that came back to the game to see what 3.1 is all about should have trickled out a bit.

    I completely avoided the Argent Tournament last night and could barely make it through Dalaran without being passed by 20 people with the name or


    Oh – your dog ate my brownies…like…all of them…(again)


  5. My inner zoologist Does Not Approve of the way the wolves move. I don’t want to tame one, I’m liking my Great Big Bug. Though, going back to the devilsaur is happy-making!

  6. Hmmm…forgot that putting “<” in comments no worky…

    So the sentence should read:

    “I completely avoided the Argent Tournament last night and could barely make it through Dalaran without being passed by 20 people with the name “Unknown” or “Unknown Jenkins”


  7. Oh hey, Klin. You need to do another Creature Feature on Turtles like you did for Wolves.

    My baby Indalecio is taking on six and eight level 80 mobs at level 75 and not even batting an eye.

  8. Sweet!
    I’m leveling a wolf because she’s going to be my MM pet along with my green raptor Oy. All of this is really exciting…the pet suff I mean. the changes to the BM tree?

    *I hear crickets*

    Right, off to level that wolf and keep an eye out for the new spirit beast…

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