Epic Mount Please, PST

Lonesome cowboy, you're a long way from home...

Lonesome cowboy, you're a long way from home...

The instant use Chickenrock is on cooldown, but I’ll be taking the Zeppelin and other outdated modes of transportation over the next two days.

I’m headed home, at long last.

Hooooooooome, home on the raaaaaaange… where the deer, and the antelope plaaaaaaaay…

In any case, I will try to either post small blurbs here or there, or even better… I might have a couple of guest posts for you fine folks! Wouldn’t that be great?  It sure would be.  But we’ll have to see: it’s on short notice.

In any case, I’ve decided that, before I go for a couple of days and end this interminable vacation, I should point out some of the posts that have been making headlines around here.

First, let it be known that 3.1 hit like a hammer.  There has been a huge influx of people looking for posts on how to talent their pets and themselves.  Well, I’ve posted very recently on How To Kill A God, specifically how to talent yourself on how to kill Yogg-Saron, who actually also happens to be cuddly and adorable.  Drawing is made by the ever-talented Cadistra of WoW, Eh?, and now I’m going to attempt to make a pillowy version.  I think it’ll be popular with the kids.

Colemand, by the way, is getting really bored.  He answered a few questions last time, but he wants more of them! So don’t be afraid to ask our resident canabalistic culinary cuisinaire Colemand any questions about life, the lack thereof, and how to make the best of the leftovers.

One thing that bothers people in WoW is the concept of a PvP server.  Why do you play on one? Why would you bother? All that it does is give asshats a chance to do what they do best, right? Wrong.  Welcome to the School of Gank, where I teach you all about the concept of “convenience”.

We here at Slow Wolf had a busy week.  We finished up with our “super secret project”, which culminated in this absolutely terrible podcast! However, our second episode of Howl is in the works.  It will be so much better thanks to all of the advice and criticism everyone gave and offered.  For now, listen to the silky smooth tones of my voice as I rant about… pet equality.  /crickets

Lastly, I must say that I am flattered and pampered in every way.  Windpaw must see me for the legend that I am, and has written an epic story of which I am an integral part.  He left out a few minor details, though.  For example, after parting ways with Tigerclaw, I singlehandedly slew all of the Scourge on the beach that were headed her way, and they numbered in legions.  She also left out the part where Jaina Proudmoore totally came to me to see me, and we had a romantic dinner and such, and it’s thanks to my persuassive abilities that the Alliance helped out Tigerclaw! I should get an award.  Monetary please, I need to buy my epic mount.

That should keep you all preoccupied! Now come Yoggie, we have a long road ahead of us.  *squeakooo*


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  1. Ha ha, you linked the picture? XD It was just a silly doodle! lol…
    In any case, this ‘School of Gank’ thing is something I will take a look at…soooo tired of getting ganked… >_>;;

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