We Almost Wrote A Big Post

So close!

So close!

…but it was not meant to be!

The plans where all set, the goons in place, and the smallest detail was taken care of.  The Under the Gun post I had written was so close to being half-way finished that the things could practically finish itself.

Actually, that’s almost all crazy-talk.  A self-written post? Pshah! Puh-lease! What kind of silly, easy-going, fantasy-based world do you think we live in? It’s not like it takes 15 seconds to build a helicopter, let alone write a whole post!

But we do have a few things of note today.  The first being: I hit level 80! I’m already hit-capped, I’ve managed to score some sweet gear, my Engineering is getting maxed out today, and I am back in a guild with the same people as before.  Here’s a shout out to everyone in Defiance!

Bonus: I’m the only hunter in the guildAll your loots are belong to me!

Secondly, I’ve been running heroics like crazy.  A lot of the dungeons I’ve been running are dungeons I haven’t seen while leveling.  Some were completely new to me, as I had neglected to read about the bosses.  So, here’s a shout out for all the dungeons: Gundrak, learn to feed your damn piranhas so they don’t eat the bejebus out of me instead.  Utgarde Pinnacle: You know that guy you hired? Skadi the Ruthless? Last I checked, Skadi was a woman’s name.  I bet that s/he’s hiding from the cops or something.  You should really see about firing him… her… so that it doesn’t kill my pug.  Violet Hold: you are perfect.  You are small, but fast, fun, and always a little different.  You are my favourite dungeon yet, and I wish I could run this heroic more than once a day.  Halls of Lightning: your music slays me.  Not only that, but the entire instance looks amazing, has a neat event gauntlet(wherein our tank learned the meaning of “pull back here“) and it’s like a mini Ulduar; but there’s one itty-bitty problem, and I’m sure you get this one alot.

Loken is a JERK.  He thinks he’s Electro or something, but all he really does all day while waiting for raiders all day is shuffle his feet on carpet flooring until he can smell ozone.  Happily, pets aren’t affected by his abilities, so at least I can keep wailing on him.  But you are a total wad, Loken, and you should be fired.  Lots.  In the face.

Speaking of Halls of Lightning and Loken the Jerk, something entirely surprising and flattering happened during my run of the place.

the-beginning-of-the-friendyou-became-a-postcolemand-wants-questions1no-question-in-itself-is-a-questionConnected and myself talked for a little while after this, but what came up to be the big topic was blogging.  Specifically, he had a blog before and wanted to give it another try! He asked for help on naming the blog, and among some of the more risque titles(Fatty Orc Muscle, for instance) he came up with a great title: Death by Healer.  He plays a resto Shaman and a Death Knight, and his blog is so new it doesn’t even have a proper first post yet! Connected, I’ll be sure to write a post when it’s up and running.

Oh, and Colemand’s got something to say:

Hello.  I can see that you don’t know how to ask me a question.

Well, it’s simple.  Just take any question you might have ever had and see what I say about it.  For example: How do birds fly? Why is the sky blue? How many woodchucks does it take to become a real Chuck? Any of these types of questions are appropriate.  Also, if you have any question about Death Knights, cooking, and just how shit works, then that is also appropriate.

Here’s an example: why are warlocks evil? Simple answer: they work with demons and use Fel magic to augment their power, which taints their souls and augments an already considerable ambition to epic proportions.  Not to mention their ego.

The real answer: they’re incredibly bitter because they were the people in the corner of the room at a party, the kind of person who’s there but hates it, and thinks it lacks morality and taste.  I’ll agree that some parties are morally decrepit, but it is you who seems to lack taste my friends.  Go eat some grains or something, play in the sun, eat grass, I don’t care.  But you’re all bitter, and it’s really gross.

Back to you, elf.

…*ahem* Thank you Colemand.  I’m sure all the warlock in the audience will make a point of camping our corpse now.

That’s all for now, but know this: I’ve been running tests, Naxx is going to happen sometime, and PvP is starting as well.




  1. Gratz on 80!

    Now begins t\your epic grind to gear your eself!


    Well, maybe not, but still…

  2. Grats on 80!

    Side note: you may be the only Hunter, but is there an Enhancement Shaman?

    Cause we like Hunter loot. -cackle-

    Also, can I just say… Jealous. No one random on my server reads my blog, or if they do, they haven’t said anything. D:

  3. hunter lootz galore!!

    making friends from being famous!!

    Looking great Slow Wolf. Love the blog. Hopefully I will be near your level of blogness someday 😛

    Just not hunterness…..I lost being that when Wrath came out. DKing it up!


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