Loot Karma Exists

They'll get ya when you're down.

They'll get ya when you're down.

It must.

Whoever is in control of loot karma these days must like me.  A lot.

So where do I send the brownies?

For the first time ever, I pugged an almost full clear of Naxx in about 2:30 hours last night.  I’ve been 80 for 3 days, so I spent roughly 2 000 getting ready for this venture but creating a Nesingwary 4 000 and my Truesight Ice Blinders.  The two days before, I had been playing like a maniac to catch up with missed time, slaughtering Heroic after heroic.  I got 50 stone shards by day 2, and was raid hit capped the instant I hit 80.

While running heroics, I picked up 2 important pieces of gear.  I managed to score Hollowed Mandible Legplates from a run in Heroic Azjol-Nerub where we were against the server reset from about halfway through, and we beat the timer by a good 3 minutes.  I also ran Heroic Violet Hold and managed to score some sweet gloves, the Handgrips of the Savage Emissary.  This is still day two folks.

Day 3 confirmed my suspicions of loot gods because of how well it went.  It was a lot like Karazhan, where I managed to earn my T4 golves and the Sunfury Bow of the Phoenix on my first run ever, but better.

The night before, my friend Eldadres tried to run a pug.  I wasn’t there as I had other things to do, but it didn’t go well.  They beat Anub Rhekan, and nothing else.  Last night when I came in, we finished the whole damn raid in 2 and a half hours.  Actually, special thanks to Ribbz, Moococo, Marrious, and everyone else who attended for making it as fast and as fun as it was.

We finished off the Spider Wing in no time at all, defeating some mopey lady and a grotesque spider.  I didn’t even really get a feel for the mopey one as it went too fast, and the spider was a blur of confusion.  I need to get a macro that targets webs, and fast.  So remember: if you’re on web duty on the giant spider fight, make sure you make a /target web macro.  It will help immensly.

We decided to get the military quarter done with next.  Razuvious took 3 tries largely due to taunting issues, but he dropped like the loot pinata he was on that third try.  He didn’t drop anything for me, but that’s not surprising.  I really didn’t like his suit anyway, it’s way too damn blue.
Gothik the Harvester was headshotted.  I was on the living side since my DPS was pushing only 2 000 at this point.  I found it incredibly easy to do this fight, but it was still a lot of fun.  I hadn’t had fights with mechanics in 8 months, so I was very happy to have anything at all.  He dropped nothing.
We headshotted the 4 horsemen too, which was surprising.  Normally the whole “splitting into 4 groups” can kill a PUG without much thought, but this was easy as all get out.  The group with all the DPS killed each horseman as we came to it.  We didn’t even get to switch we killed them so fast.  Finally, some loot drops for me: The Pauldrons of Havoc.  I was estatic! I could finally replace these dungeon blues from level 72 I hadn’t had the chance to change, and then BAM.  Enhancement Shaman to the face.  No Pauldrons for me.  Good rolling Neejan!

I was a little dissapointed, but whatever.  Someone got an upgrade, and that’s good news! Remember children: never be jealous, or Karma will kick your @$$ six ways ’til Sunday.  That’s a lot, considering today is a Thursday.

We pressed on to the contruct quarter to see if we could take down the gear check: Patchwerk.  We didn’t make Quick Werk of Him, but we certainly killed him.  It took us two tries, but that’s largely because our Off-tank was making more hate than our main tank by accident.  We fixed that on the second try though.
Oh, and Frogger? First time through, I never died.  I ran through it for fun.  Here’s the trick: aim just behind the tails of the slimes.
Grobbulus was a fun fight too.  We Headshotted his slimy self, and no one died at all.  Sweet tip for Hunters kicking Grobby in the face: when you get the bomb debuff, use disengage to move out quickly.
After running through some piping(Mario must have a lot of nature resistance…) we ran into Gluth, probably the ugliest dog in existance.  It took us 2 tries, and it was my fault the first try didn’t work out.  Can you guess what I was doing? That’s right, kiting.  After 8 months of not playing, I was a little rusty.  That and kiting more than 1 thing at once for the first time ever was a little bit more difficult than I had imagined.  The second try, Marrious(the Mage) kited them around.  I helped by adding Frost Traps, and I was able to Tranq Gluth whenever he frenzied.  Good times… We totally kicked Gluth’s can.  Note to self: practice kiting large groups of mobs.  Everyone who might be kiting at one point should learn how to kite like this before the fight.  Saves a WORLD of embarrasment.
Then we did Thaddius.  Oh Thaddius, I’ve heard nightmare stories of you killing PUGs with ease.  Not us, we got a headshot.  We headshotted him so hard he even dropped an extra Achivement: Shocking! That’s right, we pugged that.  In addition, Thaddius also managed to drop a sweet new hat: the Arc-Scorched Helmet.  I won that roll, but kept the Goggles on since they had enchantments and such.  That’s gonna change when I get back on.

We then did the plague quarter.  First up was Noth, and he went down.  I didn’t even notice the fun part about him he died so fast.  Nothing dropped.
Then Heigan.  It took us 3 tries, and I died after the first wave every time.  Not because of the dancing, but because I wasn’t perfectly in the middle of the platform and too close to the edge! My dancing was perfect! Look, see? Hoo, Hah, HOO WAAAAH! Ha HA! DDR should be easy cake now.  Heigan, still killed Link more times than I cared to count, and My gun was broken on the second try.  Stupid Volley, why must you kill my gun so? It’s a good thing I levelled up my Sword skill beforehand, as I managed to at least put out 800 DPS in melee.  *cough* He made up for my trouble and dropped me a Tunic of the Lost Pack.
Loatheb was a loot pinata, and we Headshotted him.  The melee walked out of melee, waited ’til the Spores were next to the range, and then killed it dead.  I hardly had to do anything, and I only used a bandaid once.
We walked up to Sapphiron next, and we Heashotted him.  I got close to dying a few times because I was dodging the Blizzards and lost sight of the healers.  Note to self: make sure you dodge towards the healers if possible.  Otherwise, the fight is a piece of cake for us hunters, and Link didn’t even have to move.  He didn’t take damage from anything almost! The one problem for pets is that, since Sapphiron has such a huge hitbox, your pet will run around the entire area and might run out fo range of your Mend Pets.  Make sure you know where your pet is!
Lastly, there was Kel’Thuzad.  I’ve been wanting to kill him for some time now, and this was my chance.  Our first try didn’t end off well as one of the banshees got through, and we were scrambling to recover the rest of the attempt.  It ended when our last remaining healer wound up as an Ice cube.
Our second try, I decided it was time to try some of my gear.  I put on the Tunic of the Lost Pack, but I lost my Meta Gem slot bonus as a result.  This was a good idea though, seeing as my chest piece still hadn’t been replaced since level 70.  This time, we killed Kelly dead.  I found out when I could send my pet to kill them without aggroing the rest of the room, and I was doing a lot more damage to boot.  I dodged all the void zones, and I finally got back into my groove.  After 8 months, I was finally playing this to win, and I was having the time of my life at this point.  Dodge this, shoot this, move here, stay away from there… it was perfect in every way.  Link died twice, but only on the first attempt.  And then the miraclous happened.

The Loot Gods touched Kelly before he died, and I was the lucky bastard who was able to pick up the Nerubian Conqueror and a Staff of the Plaguehound.  That’s 4 pieces of loot from one Naxx run, and 2 of the best weapons a Hunter could ask for.  There weren’t any druids, so I wasn’t stealing the staff or anything, and someone had to take it.  Besides, we all know everything is hunter loot anyway.

So, moral of the story is this:

Good loot comes to those who wait.



  1. Wow, what an awesome night! Congrats! And .. you hit 80? Wow, I have really been out of the loop this week. Stupid fever. >.>

  2. Grats on all the loot, man! Offer still stands, if you need a healer for anything. ;D

  3. Holy cats – I’ve been working too much and missed you dinging 80! Grats man – and grats on all the great runs! I’m jealous of your smash and dash through Naxx – that’s a place that Rain’ and Wind’ haven’t been yet. Ahh well – maybe when I’m done with this stupid epic flyer training money grindathon I’ll get over there.

  4. @ Everyone
    Thanks for all the congratulations!

    Your name is on my list. You better believe it!

    Maybe, but I don’t have ANY rep with the Kinghts yet. I currently have 2x Fang of Truth, so the Staff is better once I gte the hit to make up for the Fangs.

    You and me both. I need Mount money so badly…

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