Furrious Raiders: The Re-Beginning

Where are his PANTS?!

Where are his PANTS?!

Does anyone remember my Animal Instincts series?

Well, it’s out of date now, and has been labeled as such.  These are now old, and I don’t like old information.  I like it up to date.

I haven’t been posting as much as I wold like of late, but not to worry: I’ve been running Heroics and testing Raids in order to understand how to talent pets and how to keep them in working order.  I think my research has paid off at long last.

This is not the first post yet, actually: this is simply an announcement that I am restarting the series of PvE for Pets, and this time I will have hands on knowledge, not just theory-craft.

So keep your eyes peeled in the next couple of weeks for a simple, but thorough look on how to talent your best friends, and why.


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