Little Miss Muffet Would Throw A Hissy Fit

Size is deceptive.

Size is deceptive.

Normally, I hate the creepy-crawly pets in WoW.

But there’s always the one type of crawly pet I loved and wanted: the spiders.  I always loved spiders, largely because they were always so intelligent.

Thing is, I could never bring myself to tame them before.  The skins they had weren’t appealing enough, they weren’t powerful enough, or I just didn’t have the room.  Well, seeing as I hardly ever use Lucas the Bear, and when I do use a Tenacity pet I use my worm, I thought it was time to try it out.

Oh, and yeah, it’s a good thing I haven’t quested in Icecrown before or I wouldn’t have this guy.

Everyone, meet Lyco.

Isn't he cute?

Isn't he cool?

Okay, I have an odd definition of cool, but this Spider is awesome.  I never realized how useful Web is to a Beastmaster for PvP.  It’s useful for all hunters, but Beastmasters tend to need a stationary target more than others.  Between 4 seconds of Web, 3 seconds of Intimidation, and all the other tricks in our arsenal, you can keep people in one place for a long time and just pummel them.

Why a Spider instead of a Silithid? 3 reasons.
1.  This spider is rare.  Not that he’s hard to get, but if you’ve quested enough in Icecrown there’s no way you’ll ever get one.

2.  The spider is half the size of a silithid.  The more unassuming he is, the better.  Plus, the damage a silithid web does is nice, but not needed.

3.  The silithid looks like a stormtrooper, and the last thing I want my pet to look like is cannon fodder.

Did I mention he’s cool? Oh yes I did, and it needs repeating.





Scorpids still suck.


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  1. Sorry – I know you love Lyco and Web *is* awesome – but I still *hate* all the creepy crawly pets. Bugz….(thunderstomp) bleah!

    They’re meant to be squished!

    Not tamed!


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