Surprises Abound

This is how today was.

This is how today was.

Have you ever had a day where it was one surprise after another, and they were all good?

Today was one of those days, where I went from thinking the usual and finding the awesome.

First things first, I decided against keeping Lyco.  I’m going to PvP as a beastmaster, so I might as well use the best, and coolest pets available to me for that: the chimera.  Fafnir has served me really well, and that’s not going to change.  He looks great, and Froststorm Breath hits like a truck.  I see no reason not to use him.

Seeing as I love Jormungandr so much, I decided that he will be my soloing pet and tanking pet.  However, this put Lucas out of a job.  I decided to replace Lucas, who was my pet bear before bears were good.

I replaced him with someone I never would have thought could.  Everyone, meet Dave.

He is my dino and I wuf him so.

He is my dino and I wuf him so.

Dave here took me about 20 minutes to find, but catching taming him wasn’t too hard; he’s really just a big bundle of love, aren’t you Dave?

/roar x 10^9, at least.

/roar x 10^9, at least.

He’s currently level 76, almost 77, and I hope to have at 80 by 7:00 tomorrow if possible for raid time.  He gets a huge benefit out of buffs, and he’s really easy to find, so I cant lose him like I can lose Link sometimes.  Especially when he’s chasing Saphirron; he loves the flying bones.  As a result, he’s all over the damn place and is impossible to find.  Stop hiding, Link!


So, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by a dinosaur I thought I’d hate.  Not only this, but I managed to do all my dailies with only being ganked once, which is good considering that the Hodir area is crawling with opportunistic rogues and retadins.

On ganking, actually, I am really out of practice for PvP.  Through all this ganking I have become better already, but it’s a long road ahead.  PvE comes naturally to me, and it’s not hard at all.  PvP, on the other hand, is taking a great deal of practice and it’s as if I’m a newb all over again.  Not playing in a battleground for 8 months will do that, and I keep forgetting all my cooldowns and spell that can save my now blemished hide.  Ganking is helping, but I’m still ending up on the losing end.  This will change, but I need the right gear: WTB honour please.

Oh and don’t even mention Wintergrasp for easy loot.  Every PUG I join for it has issues with Emalon.  He’s really not that hard, but either the tanks cant grab the new adds fast enough, the DPS can’t burn the overcharged add, or the pull goes all wrong.  And we all die.  So I’ll be sticking to Battlegrounds and getting the Wintergrasp Mark gear.  That stuff looks good, actually.

So, back to surprises, my guild made a great big surprise today.  Colour Blind ran its first 10 man Naxx, entirely through guildies.  My old time buddy Eldadres became a Shadow Priest and did really well, which allowed me to be a Beastmaster for the run.  There were no Enhancement shammies.  No other hunters.  The loot was all mine!

We smashed our way through the wings, dying only once on Maexxena(due to our poison cleansing totem shaman dying, and no one noticed until have the raid kinda started dying) and once on the Horsemen(Failure to switch properly the first time).  We almost got the Make Quick Werk Of Him achievement too! We did really well, and we only stopped at Kel’Thuzad because we were down to 8 raiders and didn’t have enough DPS for his minions.

To all those who are jealous of my luck, you can skip the next paragraph.  Actually, don’t, I’m going to brag anyway.

I managed to score 5 things: first, I ran the Heroic Nexus and earned Interwoven Scale Bracers and Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood.  Second, I got the Pauldrons of Havoc, a massive upgrade to my cruddy PvP gear Blues I got form the Kirin Tor.  Third, I got the token for the Heroes’ Cryptstalker Tunic.  Lastly, I got enough Emblems of Valour to buy my Heroes’ Cryptstalker Handguards.  What this means is that I could finally equip my Staff of the Plaguehound and all this other junk while remaining well above the hitcap.  My DPS? It’s higher, to say the least.

So for a first guild run, I am very pleased and I am looking forward to working with these guys.  It seems that Colour Blind is efficient, and although we haven’t hit a progression block yet, I think we could take on some of the harder stuff if we tried.  I think we might try Malygos tomorrow, so here’s hoping that a) my guild surprises me further and we knock the bastard out and b) that Black Ice drops.

I’m not holding my breath though.

Also, WTB Rare Candy.



  1. WTB Rare Candy Also!

    I ahve a wolf from ramps that has just taken me FOREVER to level up, and she’s still not there yet! >.>

    I myself have a blueish-black devilsaur named “BigSis”. I love those devilsaurs, even if it makes it hard for the tank to see at times…heh…

    Also, gratz on all your new gear!

  2. Just beware that Devilsaurs have their… umm, “issues”.

    They have a pretty bogus hitbox flaw. They start off with a rather large hitbox. The hitbox grows when they get specials off, and of course when he is en-wrath-ed. This makes some encounters pretty much impossible to keep them alive. He’s bigger than the holes in the flame waves of Sartharion. He’s eatting almost every Heigan the Unclean spew. He steps on one or even two void zones at a time… Ah the fun.

  3. @Zhire
    As far as levelling goes, so long as you’re 80 and specced for BM PvP, I can take 3-4 mobs of my level and toss them at the dinosaur. MD and some Mend Pet, he survives, and gets lots of XP very quickly. Worth trying on your wolf?

    True say. We’ll have to swap to Link when it gets to those parts if it seems like Dave can’t do it.

    As far as Heigan goes, I have a plan. I’ll have to test it again, but it seemed to work the first time…

  4. luv the dino – much bettah 😉

    your gear luck pwns…Mine doth not….

    But I finally have my epic flyer as of last night…(and not more than 50G left to my name)


  5. I do agree Klin, Colour Blind surprised in every factor possible last night. I woke up threw on a shirt, caught the bus with 30seconds to spare and thought, “Yah I almost missed the bus, but that run was worth it.”

    You guys better Down Maly/KT tonight!

  6. I would like to inform you, once again, my good wolf.

    That I envy you.

    You have absolutely ridiculous luck.

    I can’t even get a guild that can pull together a full 10 man Naxx run, for goodness sake!

    Karma, send some my way! -sniffles-

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